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your speech and make it professional Review: Clean up your speech and make it professional

Are you a new content creator who is worried about the low sound quality of their content? Do you think the noises in the background hinder your speech and make content less attractive?

We acknowledge your distress and here we are with a top-notch tool that will help you enhance the audio of your content and make the sound clear and audible. The audio enhancer that we are discussing today is known as

In today’s review, our focus will be the features, working, and pricing, so without further delay, let’s begin!

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Introduction to AI Audio Enhancer: is an advanced AI tool that is employed to clean speech to make it sound professional and effective. This acts as a noise remover and removes all the noise that disturbs the speech sounds. It also enhances the speech sounds and clarifies them to give a crisp, clear, attractive, and noise-free output.

It has a wide range of applications and it is used by podcasters, videographers, social media content creators, musicians, singers, online tutors, lecturers, etc. It has become widely known due to its quick and accurate audio quality enhancement.

Features of Audio Enhancer AI: is an amazing voice enhancer that offers the following features to its users, let us talk about these features below:

AI Noise Remover:

Noise is the biggest contributor to the decrease in the content’s quality. This AI noise remover targets the noise and removes it to make the audio refined and clear. There are 4 types of noises in audio:

  • Continuous noise is a persistent noise in the audio.
  • Intermittent noise has an irregular pattern that creates an irregular sound experience.
  • Low-frequency noise refers to sound waves with a low pitch or frequency, typically below 100 Hz.
  • Impulsive noise is a sudden sharp noise that typically with a short duration.

    All these noises contribute to creating a disturbance in your audio and by removing them AI voice enhancer improves the voice quality.

    Speech Cleaning:

    The speech sound cleaning allows the users to get rid of distortions in speech signals, noises, hissings, phonemic mixings, and disturbances to make the audio speech sound audible, refined, and clear.

    Sounds Enhancement:

    The sound enhancement targets the speech sounds, it works on their enhancement and intelligibility while minimizing the noises and disturbances. This is done to give your audio an enhanced outcome.

    Melodies Improvement:

    The melodies, songs, music, and lyrics are also enhanced using AI voice enhancers. This audio enhancer online provides intelligent and flawless improvement of music and lyrics without losing the melodies.

    Echo Reduction:

    The echo is the audio contributes to the disturbance of the speech sounds. The echo and reverberation are reduced by this voice enhancer online to make your content sound comprehensible and audible.


    The audio is a mixture of loud and soft sounds, it fixes the loudness of the sounds and gives the audio an enhanced and equalized outcome.

    Customized Audio:

    The audio is customized according to the type of content it is used, this feature ensures that the audio enhancement is according to the content in which the audio will be utilized. This is an intelligent feature of this voice enhancer AI.


    This audio enhancer can process files of different sizes, durations, and numbers. It can fix the voice quality of audio or video files. The details are mentioned below:

    • It can process 1-10 files at a time.
    • It can process files from a few MBs to 4 GB.
    • It can work on files of a duration of a few seconds to 15 hours.

      This is thus a scalable tool that can work with files of variable sizes and durations.

      Processing Time:

      The processing time of this tool, that is the time it takes to process that data is just a couple of minutes.

      Simple Interface:

      This audio enhancer AI is easy to navigate as it has a simple and user-friendly interface.

      Working of AI Audio enhancer:

      This voice enhancer is easy to work with and it provides authentic and quick audio enhancement results. The following are the steps to use this AI voice enhancer:

      Open the Tool:

      Open the to access the best AI voice enhancer.

      Audio enhancer - Open the Tool
      Audio enhancer – Open the Tool

      Upload Your Files:

      To upload the audio or video file/s click on the plus sign in the dialogue box and select the files from your computer.

      Audio enhancer - Upload your files
      Audio enhancer – Upload your files

      Select Enhancement and Content:

      Next, you need to select the enhancement type, there are four options available:

      • Improve the quality
      • Reduce the background noise
      • Clean up the speech
      • Fix the loudness and level

        After that select the content type, there are nine options available:

        • Mobile video
        • Podcast
        • Educational video
        • Interview/meeting
        • Lecture/conference
        • Voice recording
        • Professional audio
        • Professional video
        • Other

          Audio enhancer - Select Enhancement and Content
          Audio enhancer – Select Enhancement and Content

          Enhance Your Media:

          Click on “Enhance Media” and let the tool work on your audio to magically convert it to professional audio in just a couple of minutes.

          Audio enhancer - Enhance your media
          Audio enhancer – Enhance your media

          Play and Download:

          The output will appear in front of you, click on the play button to listen to the enhanced version and press the download button to save it on your computer.

          Audio enhancer - download
          Audio enhancer – download

          These 5 steps are not only simple but only take a couple of minutes to complete, so it is an amazing tool that will improve your content’s quality quickly and professionally.

          Pricing of

          The is a very professional tool that offers different subscriptions according to the requirements of the users. The three subscriptions are provided below:






            • It can enhance media for up to 60 minutes a month. The file size can be 2 GB.
            The duration of the file can be 1 hour.



          • It can enhance media for up to 300 minutes a month. The file size can be 2 GB. The duration of the files can be 2 hours per upload.



          • It can enhance media for up to 900 minutes a month. The file size can be 4 GB. The duration of the file can be 3 hours per upload.


          In conclusion, is an amazing voice enhancer that offers premium quality audio or video sound enhancement at a very cheap rate per month. It is especially useful for start-ups who can’t afford expensive devices to record their content.

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