Autoresponders in AWeber have transformed the way businesses approach email marketing. This powerful tool allows you to automate customer communication, increasing efficiency and engagement rates. This comprehensive guide will delve deep into AWeber’s autoresponder functionality.

We will start by understanding what an autoresponder is and its pivotal role in email marketing. Then, introduce you to AWeber: its key features, pricing details, and how it stands out among similar tools.

You’ll learn how to set up your first mailing list on Aweber – from creating the list to naming it appropriately for easy identification later. We will also cover configuring confirmation emails for subscriber verification – a crucial step toward building a reliable autoresponder series.

The latter part of our guide focuses on designing signup forms using templates available in AWeber’s dashboard and customizing welcome emails as part of your follow-up series. Adding more entries into this series and scheduling delivery timings per entry are also covered extensively.

Every aspect of working with autoresponders in AWeber is addressed here – making it a must-read for any digital marketer or small business owner keen on leveraging this feature effectively.

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Table of Contents:

Understanding Autoresponders and Their Importance in Marketing

Source: AWeber's AutoResponders
Source: AWeber’s AutoResponders

An autoresponder is like having a personal assistant for your emails. Autoresponder technology does the hard work, dispatching messages to your contacts without manual effort. Talk about efficiency.

Definition of an Autoresponder

An autoresponder is a sophisticated automated email system sent to your subscribers at predetermined times. It’s like having a robot friend who knows exactly when to send the right message to your subscribers.

Pretty cool, huh?

These automated emails can be a game-changer for your business. They keep your audience engaged without you manually hitting send every time. Time-saving and effective? Sign me up.

The Role of Autoresponders in Email Marketing

In email marketing, autoresponders are the secret sauce that makes everything taste better.

Here’s why:

  • Nurturing Leads: Autoresponders help you woo potential customers by sending them valuable content. It’s like a digital love letter that guides them toward purchasing.
  • Maintaining Customer Relationships: Regular communication builds trust and loyalty. It’s like having a pen pal but with more discounts and special offers.
  • Saving Time: With autoresponders doing the heavy lifting, you can focus on the fun stuff, like brainstorming creative ideas and sipping coffee.

But remember, the key to success is providing value in your emails.

Whether educational resources or exclusive deals, ensure your subscribers feel like VIPs. After all, relationships are a two-way street.

Introduction to AWeber

Source: AWeber homepage - Autoresponders in AWeber
Source: AWeber homepage

AWeber is a kickass email marketing tool designed for both newbies and pros. It makes email campaigns a breeze, managing subscribers a cinch, and tracking performance a piece of cake.

Key Features of AWeber

  • Email Automation: Automate your email sequences based on triggers like sign-ups or purchases.
  • Email Templates: Choose from 700+ mobile-responsive templates for stunning emails; no design skills are needed.
  • Landing Page Builder: Create high-converting landing pages with a drag-and-drop builder.
  • List Segmentation: Send targeted emails by segmenting your audience based on interests or behaviour.
  • Analytics & Reporting: Get detailed reports on open rates, click-through rates (CTR), and more to optimize future campaigns.

Even more remarkable is that AWeber integrates with popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and Magento.

So, wherever your website or online store resides, AWeber has your back.

Pricing Details

AWeber’s pricing caters to businesses of all sizes. They have a Free plan for newbies and a Pro plan starting at $19/month for the pros. The Pro plan offers additional benefits like split testing, behavioural automation, and custom branding.

In conclusion, AWeber is the bomb for sending newsletters, running promotional campaigns, and more. Don’t wait; start leveraging the power of this fantastic platform today.

Setting Up Your First Mailing List on AWeber

Source: AWeber Knowledge base - Create a new list
Source: AWeber Knowledge base – Create a new list

In email promotion, making a mailing list is like amassing your devotees. With AWeber, it’s as easy as pie.

Creating Your Mailing List

To create your first mailing list in AWeber, log into your account and head to the ‘Manage Lists’ section.

Click ‘Create a List’ and fill out some basic info about yourself and your business.

This includes fields like:

  • Your Company Name: The legal name of your biz, no funny business.
  • Your Website URL: The main website for your company; show it off.
  • Your Sender’s Name & Email Address: Make it recognizable so subscribers know who’s in their inbox.

Naming Your Mailing List

Come up with a catchy label for your mailing list. No spaces or special characters are allowed but underscores and hyphens are cool. Get creative.

Don’t forget to add a description too. Provide an informative overview of what subscribers expect from your newsletter, such as weekly digital marketing tips. Be clear and concise, like a boss. (Think weekly newsletters with digital marketing tips.)

A well-crafted description sets expectations and boosts open rates. Recipients will know what to expect before they even open your email. Talk about a win-win.

Configuring Confirmation Emails For Subscriber Verification

Source: AWeber Knowledge Base - Verify a From Address
Source: AWeber Knowledge Base – Verify a From Address

In the world of email marketing, subscriber verification is a critical step. It helps ensure that your emails reach genuine subscribers who have willingly opted into your mailing list.

This process is through confirmation emails.

This section guides you on configuring these important messages using AWeber.

Picking Subject Lines For Confirmation Messages

The subject line of your confirmation message significantly prompts the recipient to open and read it. The goal here is to inform them about the need for verification and make it appealing enough, so they take action immediately.

AWeber provides pre-approved subject lines which adhere to CAN-SPAM Act guidelines. These can be used directly or customized per your brand voice and audience preferences. Remember, a compelling subject line should create urgency while remaining clear and concise.

Customizing Text Of Confirmation Message

Beyond the subject line, customization also extends into the body text of your confirmation message.

With AWeber’s easy-to-use interface, you can tailor every part of this email – from salutation to closing remarks.

To start with customizing, navigate towards the ‘List Settings’ tab under ‘List Options’. Herein lies an option called ‘Confirmation Message’.

Clicking on it will lead you toward the editing panel, where the existing template could be modified or a new one created from scratch.

  • Greeting: Personalize this based on what best suits the business tone & target demographic. Depending on the audience type, you should keep things formal, casual, or playful.
  • Main Body: This portion should clearly explain why the recipient received the mail and instructions regarding confirming their subscription. Make sure the language remains simple yet engaging throughout the content piece.
  • Closing Remarks: Don’t forget to thank the reader at the end before signing off. Also, provide any additional contact information, like customer service details, etc.

Note: Include a link within the main body that leads back to the site, completing the verification once the user clicks.

Remember, all changes made get saved automatically; hence no worries about losing work midway through the creation phase.

Key Takeaway: This section guides configuring confirmation emails in AWeber for subscriber verification. It covers the importance of picking effective subject lines and customizing the text of the confirmation message, including personalization, clear instructions, and closing remarks.

Designing Signup Forms Using Templates on AWeber

Source: AWeber Knowledge Base - Sign up forms
Source: AWeber Knowledge Base – Sign up forms

Creating a sign-up form that appeals to your target audience is essential for successful email marketing, and AWeber offers templates to make this task effortless.

With AWeber, you can access various templates that make this process easy and efficient.

Choosing the Right Template for Your Sign-Up Form

First, pick the perfect template. AWeber has plenty of options to suit your business needs. Keep it simple, or go all out with multiple fields – the choice is yours.

Consider what info you need from subscribers. Just email and name? Go minimalistic. Need more data for segmentation? Choose a template with extra fields.

Creating Your Sign-Up Form Step by Step

Let’s customize your chosen template:

  1. Name Your Form: Give it a unique name for easy identification later.
  2. Edit Fields: Modify or add fields as needed. Don’t ask too much – keep it simple.
  3. Add Design Elements: Spice it up with images, logos, and colours. Get creative.
  4. Create Thank You Page: Show gratitude and set expectations for your new subscribers.
  5. Publish: Use the provided Javascript snippet or share the link on social media or via email.

Designing forms may seem technical, but follow these steps for an easier experience. Visually appealing sign-up forms enhance user experience and boost conversion rates. So take the time to get them right.

Remember, every subscriber today could be a customer tomorrow.

Customizing Welcome Email in Follow-Up Series

Source: AWeber Blog on Welcome email campaigns
Source: AWeber Blog on Welcome email campaigns

The first impression is everything, especially regarding your new subscribers. So, let’s make that welcome email shine. With AWeber’s drag-and-drop builder, you can create a killer welcome email that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Using the Drag and Drop Builder to Craft Your Welcome Mail

AWeber’s drag-and-drop builder is so easy to use even beginners can design professional-looking emails. Select “Create a Message” from the dashboard and choose “Drag & Drop Email Builder.”

You can drag and drop elements like text blocks, images, and buttons onto your template from there.

  • Add a catchy subject line that grabs attention right away.
  • Personalize your email with tokens like {firstname} or {email} to make it feel more personal.
  • Don’t forget to include social media links to encourage your subscribers to connect with you on other platforms.

Adding Your Welcome Mail to the Follow-Up Series

Once you’re happy with how your welcome email looks, it’s time to integrate it into your follow-up series. Return to the Messages tab, click “+ Add Message,” and choose “Add Existing Messages” from the dropdown menu to integrate your welcome email into your follow-up series.

Select your recently created welcome message to add it to the sequence.

Remember, the position of each message in the series matters. The emails will be sent out in the exact order they appear in the list. So, place your welcome email accordingly based on when you want your subscribers to receive it after they sign up.

If you need further assistance during the setup phase, AWeber’s help center has detailed guides to walk you through the entire process.

Now that we’ve covered setting up a compelling welcome message let’s move on to the final task: adding additional entries to our follow-up series without overwhelming our subscribers’ inboxes all at once. Stay tuned…

Key Takeaway: Learn how to customize your welcome email in AWeber’s follow-up series using their drag-and-drop builder. Personalize your email with tokens, add social media links, and strategically place the welcome email in the sequence for maximum impact.

Adding More Entries Into Follow Up Series

Source: GetApp's AWeber review
Source: GetApp’s AWeber review

Got your welcome email ready?


Let’s keep the engagement going by adding more entries to your follow-up series.

There is no need to bombard your subscribers with many emails all at once. We’ll take it slow and steady.

Scheduling Delivery Timings Per Entry Added Into Followup Series

Timing is everything in email marketing. You want your messages to hit the inbox at just the right moment. With AWeber, scheduling delivery timings for each entry in your follow-up series is a piece of cake.

To schedule an email, head to the ‘Messages’ tab on your dashboard and click on ‘Follow Up Series’. Then, hit ‘+ Message’ and choose the ‘Drag & Drop Email Builder’. Once you’ve crafted your witty and engaging content using this excellent tool, save it as a draft.

Let’s set the interval between this email and the previous one. Want it to go out two days after the welcome email? Easy peasy. Enter “2” under the ‘Interval’ section, hit ‘Save Settings’, and you’re all set.

Configuring Send Window Settings

Oh, and there’s more. AWeber also lets you control the specific hours when your emails get delivered. No more surprising your subscribers with inbox notifications in the middle of the night. We’ve got their time zones covered.

To configure these settings, head back to the main dashboard. Underneath Messages > Legacy Follow Up Series, you can ‘Edit Send Windows’.

Click on it, and a new window will pop open. Now you can easily select your desired sending timeslots with a simple drag-and-drop mechanism.

Just remember, all the timings are based on the EST zone. So, adjust accordingly for your recipient’s local time zone. We want to keep things timely and respectful.

This customization boosts engagement rates and helps maintain a healthy sender reputation—no more landing in the dreaded spam folder due to irregular mailing practices. ISPs won’t mess with us.

Key Takeaway: Learn how to add more entries to your follow-up series in AWeber and schedule delivery timings for each email. You can also configure send window settings to ensure your emails are delivered at the right time and maintain a good sender reputation.


Understanding the importance of AWeber autoresponder emails is crucial for digital marketers – it’s like having a personal assistant for your email marketing!

AWeber’s user-friendly platform lets you create mailing lists, send confirmation emails, design signup forms, and customize welcome emails – it’s like having a marketing Swiss Army knife!

With AWeber’s email autoresponder, you can automate communication with subscribers and nurture relationships with readers over time – it’s like having a 24/7 email marketing ninja!

So why not streamline your email campaigns and engage with your audience on a deeper level with an AWeber email autoresponder? It’s a no-brainer!

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a follow up email?

You can easily add a follow-up email by heading to the Messages tab on your AWeber dashboard and choosing “Follow Up Series.” Then, hit “+ Message” and select “Drag & Drop Email Builder.” Once you’ve crafted your message with this great tool, save it as a draft.

How do I customize my welcome email?

You can customize your welcome email using AWeber’s Drag & Drop Email Builder. Select “Create a Message” from the dashboard and choose “Drag & Drop Email Builder.” You can drag and drop elements like text blocks, images, and buttons onto your template from there. Add personalization tokens such as {firstname} or {email} for a more personalized touch.

Are there email templates for AWeber autoresponder?

Yes, there are numerous email templates available for AWeber autoresponder emails. You can find them in the “Templates” tab on your dashboard. From here, you can select from various designs to get started without having to design an email from scratch.

How do I add social media links to my welcome mail?

You can add social media links to your welcome email using the “Share” button in the Drag & Drop Email Builder. Click on it and select the platforms you want to share your message – Facebook, Twitter, etc. Then, enter the URL for each platform and hit “Done.” Your subscribers can now connect with you on social media easily.

How do I control delivery timings for each email?

You can control the delivery timings for each email in AWeber’s follow-up series by scheduling the emails to be sent at specific times. To do that, go to the “Messages” tab on your dashboard and click “Follow Up Series.” Then, hit “+ Message” and choose the “Drag & Drop Email Builder.” Once you’ve crafted your message, save it as a draft and set up an interval for the email to be sent in. You can also adjust the send window settings to ensure your emails are delivered at the right time.

How do I schedule delivery timings for each entry in my follow-up series?

To schedule an email message, head to the ‘Messages’ tab on your dashboard and click on ‘Follow Up Series’. Then, hit ‘+ Message’ and choose the ‘Drag & Drop Email Builder’. Once you’ve crafted your content, save it as a draft. Underneath the ‘Interval’ section, enter how many days or hours you’d like to space out this email from the previous one. Hit ‘Save Settings,’ and you’re all set.

AWeber also lets you control the specific hours when your emails get delivered.

To configure these settings:

  1. Head back to the main dashboard.
  2. Underneath Messages > Legacy Follow-Up Series, you can ‘Edit Send Windows’.
  3. Click on it and adjust the timings using a simple drag-and-drop mechanism.

All times are based on EST zone, so adjust accordingly for your recipient’s local time zone.

What is the benefit of using AWeber autoresponder?

The benefits of using an AWeber auto responder are numerous. They allow you to automate communication with subscribers, send newsletters, nurture relationships to customers over time, save time on repetitive tasks like sending welcome emails and follow-ups, boost engagement rates, and maintain a healthy sender reputation.

You can also use features like the drag & drop email builder, send options, personalization tokens, and social media links to quickly and easily create professional-looking emails. All these features make AWeber’s auto responders an essential tool for any small business or digital marketer.

Is there a free plan?

An AWeber free plan is available on the AWeber website. There are pricing plans with more features for paying customers.

Any last words on AWeber autoresponders?

Yes, AWeber has autoresponders – they’re like the superheroes of email marketing, saving you time and effort.

Using AWeber’s autoresponder is as easy as pie – just set it up once and let it do the work for you.

Newsletters are like the cool older sibling of autoresponders – they’re more about sharing updates and information, while autoresponders are all about immediate responses.

The benefits of using autoresponders in email marketing are endless – they help you stay connected with your audience, nurture leads, sales tracking, and increase engagement.

Do you recommend any other email platforms?

Looking for other email marketing tools or platforms for small businesses? Check out these alternatives to AWeber: Constant Contact, AWeber, and ActiveCampaign.

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