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We most often encounter physical documents including contracts, receipts, images, scanned documents, or handwritten notes. Manually retyping this stored information (data) can be a daunting and time-taking task.

This is where image to text converter by cardscanner.co works as the best tool that allows to extract and convert image text into an editable file without missing any character or word. Read this review guide to explore the functionalities and strengths offered by cardscanner.co that make it the best online OCR solution for image to text conversion.

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Image to Text Converter:

When it comes to core functionality of cardscanner.co, its image to text converter is the main highlight of this website. This platform uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to efficiently extract text from various image formats, scanned documents, photos of printed pages, handwritten notes, and screenshots. The tool entertains you with a freemium model for providing full-fledged OCR-based conversions.

Why Use Cardscanner’s Image to Text Converter?

Here’s what makes this OCR converter the most appealing and compelling option:

  • Free to Process: The source of Card Scanner entertains with a free plan that functions to convert a limited number of images per month. This online image text extractor is the perfect choice for occasional use or trying out the OCR service prior to commit.
  • Batch Conversions Enabled: If you want to turn multiple images or scanned documents at once, there’s no problem. This website allows you to upload and convert a batch of files simultaneously, saving you valuable time and effort.
  • Multiple Image Formats Supported: The most considerable feature is that this image text converter supports a wide array of image formats such as jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, heic, and more. This online OCR conversion tool ensures compatibility with most of your image formats.
  • Download Text in Various Formats: Once the image to text conversion is complete, it allows you to download the extracted text in a wide array of formats including docx, doc, txt, or more. It entertains you with ease of integration with your existing workflow.
  • Translate the extracted text: Considering the users convenience, this tool works as image to text translator that functions to translate the converted text more than 100 languages including (French, Turkish, Polish, German, Arabic, Indonesian, Portuguese, and more)


    • Extract Text from Blurry Photos: Although ideal results come from clear images, cardscanner.co’s image to text converter uses advanced OCR algorithms that allow it to handle slightly blurry photos with as much accuracy as possible.
    • Multilingual Support: This source boasts multilingual OCR capabilities, it functions to convert text packed with various languages. Indicated as the valuable tool for users dealing with international documents or images.
    • Secure Image Text Extractor: This online image to text extraction tool ensures the security of your uploaded and downloaded files. When it comes to the server end, it is secure, and your files are permanently deleted after conversion.

      User-Friendly Interface and Conversion Speed

      The image to text converter from the reliable source of cardscanner.co prioritizes the user experience by offering a clear and straightforward interface. Uploading images, initiating conversions, and downloading/copying the extracted text is a straightforward process.

      In addition to that, this photo text extractor excels in fast conversion speed. The OCR engine works swiftly, producing results in just a couple of seconds for most images and scanned documents.

      Freemium Converter: Free vs. Premium Plans

      As highlighted already, the card scanner is packed with a freemium model. When it comes to free plans, it offers basic image to text conversion capabilities with limitations. You ought to upgrade to a premium plan for unlocking the additional features:

      • Increased files conversion quota per week, month, or annual
      • 3x faster conversion experience
      • Ad-Free conversions
      • Unlock All tools

        How to Extract Text From Image Using Cardscanner?

        The process of extracting or copying text from image involves couple of steps, let’s find them one-by-one:

        1. Access cardscanner.co and get its image to text converter from the top-menu bar
        2. After that, upload your images directly or drag and drop them into the main toolbox
        3. Wait till uploading process is complete and click “Convert” button
        4. Copy the extracted text from the main toolbox or export it into your desired text format

          Applications of Image to Text Converter

          The converter by cardscanner caters to a wide array of applications that including:

          • Digitizing Documents: capable of transforming scanned documents, invoices, receipts, or contracts into searchable or editable formats.
          • Extracting Text from Notes: save time by changing your handwritten notes or screenshots that are packed with text into editable digital formats for the ease of reference.
          • Archiving Information: functions to turn physical documents into searchable digital files for the ease of archiving and retrieval
          • Data Entry Automation: For repetitive data entry tasks involving text from images, Cardscanner can significantly boost efficiency.

            Bonus – Beyond Image to Text: Additional Tools Offered by Cardscanner

            While the card scanner known for its image to text converter, it also offering a surprising variety of additional tools:

            • JPG to Word Converter: transform jpg images that contain the text into editable MS Word documents, perform conversion to the best extent possible.
            • PNG to Word Converter: similar to jpg to word, this online conversion tool functions perform conversion from png to text using OCR.
            • JPG to Excel Converter: helps to extract data from tables or spreadsheets packed within images and transform them into editable Excel file format
            • PNG to Excel Converter: this is another tool that facilitates data extraction from tables within PNG images and change into MS Excel editable spreadsheet
            • PNG to Text Converter: full-fledged tool that directly export the text content within png images as a plain text file
            • PDF to Text Converter: lets you extract text from pdf and store all into txt format using OCR technology.
            • JPG to PDF Converter: assists to transform jpg images that contains crucial information into actionable PDFs
            • PNG to PDF Converter: Similar to JPG to PDF, this tool function to turn png into pdf document format

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