FlexClip is a popular video editing tool, but is it worth switching to?

This write-up aims to provide an informative and authentic FlexClip review, focusing on its overview, star features, and more.

By the end, you’ll get the full picture of whether FlexClip is worth your time (and potentially your money).

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What Makes FlexClip Unique?

FlexClip Homepage: FlexClip Review
FlexClip Homepage: FlexClip Review

FlexClip is a capable online video maker and editor that lets you create and edit content for your personal and professional projects.

Unlike traditional editors, FlexClip leverages AI to automate your video editing process, allowing you to skip all sorts of complexity. The tool doesn’t require any technical skills to create your videos, which makes it accessible to most people.

It also integrates with several social networks like YouTube, TikTok, and Dropbox, which allows you to share your exported videos on these platforms.

And since it’s a cloud-based platform, you can manage projects, create storyboards, pick thumbnails for video tracks, and import/export videos in formats such as MP4, MOV, M4V, and WEBM easily.

Who is FlexClip For?

FlexClip Tool
FlexClip Tool

FlexClip is best for:

  • Video content creators: The video maker offers a variety of elements to help you create your creative videos in several formats.
  • Social media marketers: The tool has templates for all major social media platforms to help you make videos quickly.
  • Small businesses: The free version allows you to try the tool first before upgrading to the paid plans.
  • Startups: It offers an affordable “Business plan” that gives you access to valuable resources.  
  • Freelancers: The software enables you to create videos in minutes through its AI power, allowing you to juggle with multiple projects and clients.
  • Passionate learners: The platform makes it possible for you to learn video-making and editing effortlessly.

If you belong to one of the above professions or businesses, you can use FlexClip to create professional videos related to business, marketing, education, etc.

FlexClip: Top Features

FlexClip Features
FlexClip Features

FlexClip comes with stand-out tools and properties to help you craft and edit your videos flawlessly in minutes. Here are the key features of FlexClip:

Clean and User-Friendly Interface

FlexClip’s UI shows up instantly after you open the platform without any need for a sign-up. The video editor presents a catchy and clutter-free interface, giving you the push to start creating videos straightaway.

All the necessary video creation tools appear in the left sidebar tidily to ensure you have a smooth navigation experience.

The video maker’s interface brings the following benefits to the table:

  • Easy to use, regardless of your skill level
  • Adaptability requires zero previous experience
  • Adding tools from the sidebar to the workspace is effortless

Huge Library of Diverse Templates

FlexClip Templates
FlexClip Templates

FlexClip offers thousands of captivating video templates under various categories that you can choose from to create multiple videos.

Some of them include:

  • Marketing & promo videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Trailers and tutorials
  • Birthday videos
  • Wedding & anniversary videos
  • Music videos
  • YouTube videos
  • Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok videos

Visit the template page to view various templates of the video editor on offer. To find your desired one, select a specific category or subcategory, which will narrow down the templates on display.

The search bar on the template page can also help you discover your preferred video creation and editing template.

Intuitive and Beginner-Friendly Video Editor

FlexClip Video: FlexClip Review
FlexClip Video: FlexClip Review

Editing your videos is hassle-free with FlexClip, as you can do the job effortlessly on the editor workspace. It lets you add vector elements, subtitles, brand logos, voice-overs, and more.  

The online video editing software enables you to apply multiple actions to complement your editing job.

Examples of editing actions you can apply inside the FlexClip workspace:

  • Video Trim
  • Video Merge
  • Video Split
  • Elements Customization
  • Transition Effects

Rich Media Library with Options to Add Your Custom Media

FlexClip Media
FlexClip Media

FlexClip integrates with 4,000,000 royalty-free stock assets, including images, videos, sound effects, and music.

That means once you upgrade to a paid plan, you don’t have to pay for these assets every time you use them for your projects. You can remain worry-free about copyright strikes.

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can source images and videos from the media library. For your benefit, these assets show up in categories like business, sports, music, fashion, entertainment, technology, and so forth.

To liven up your videos, you can also tap into diverse background music, sound effects, and loops offered by the video editing software. You also have the option to find music based on mood and genre.

For instance, if your video demands cinematic music with a relaxing mood, you can find and add it from the audio library to your video.

Stunning Text Styles and Animations

FlexClip Styles
FlexClip Styles

FlexClip features a wide range of static and dynamic text styles that you can leverage to create high-quality videos. Once you click your preferred text style, it will show up in the editor instantly.

You can alter the text font, font style, color, size, placement, and alignment from the visible toolbar. To modify the text, double-click on the existing text or click the “Edit” icon on the toolbar.

Also, the video editor offers 1000+ enticing text animations and preset styles. From the toolbar, you can add these text animations and preset styles to spice up your videos further.

Elegant Overlays and Backgrounds

FlexClip Overlay
FlexClip Overlay

To help you turn your lifeless videos into vibrant ones, FlexClip offers tasteful overlays. These overlays come in the following types: 

  • Shape
  • Effect
  • Logo
  • Decorative
  • Corporate
  • Big title
  • Contact info

Once you click your wanted overlay, it will appear on the editor straightaway. From there, you can tweak the overlay text and apply motion as well as style effects to jazz up your videos too.

FlexClip’s variety of backgrounds can add charm to your videos. From single-colored and gradient backgrounds to animated and stock videos, you can deploy all these types to make your videos stand out.

Useful AI Features

FlexClip AI Features
FlexClip AI Features

AI features are FlexClip’s new additions to let you diversify your video creations and edits. The video editor’s AI features aim to speed up your editing job and improve efficiency.

Text to Speech

With this AI-powered Text-to-Speech feature, you can transform written text into realistic speech in a snap. This saves your precious time and money as you don’t have to deploy complex and pricey tools separately.

Text to Video

The AI text-to-video feature lets you input your text or script and fetches images and videos to generate your content. It can also generate scenes for every sentence of your text, creating clarity and accuracy.

AI Image Generator

The AI image generator is an incredible FlexClip feature that generates fetching images as per your prompt. From painting and illustration to vector art and anime, the AI image generator can create images of all types creatively and excitingly.

To generate your required image, write your input text in the description box, and the AI will generate the image in a while.

AI Video Script

In case you don’t have the knack to write your video script, you can use FlexClip’s AI video script feature to generate the script.

Provide a short description of what you want and AI get the script in seconds or minutes.

Background Remover

The video creator also features an AI background remover to easily prep your content for other editing stages.

FlexClip Pricing Plans

FlexClip Pricing
FlexClip Pricing

Currently, FlexClip has three pricing plans:

  • Free Plan: $0/Month
  • Plus Plan: $15.99/Month or $7.19/Month if billed annually
  • Business Plan: 23.99/Month or 14.39/Month if billed annually

It’s important to note that if you choose one of the paid plans and bill annually, you can save up to 55%.

Stock Video Per Project15Unlimited
Stock Audio Per Project15Unlimited
Video Export Resolution720P1080P1080P
Video Export LengthUp to 10 MinsUnlimitedUnlimited
Project Saving Limit12UnlimitedUnlimited
FlexClip Watermark RemovalNoYesYes
AI Text to Image5 times/mo2400 times/yr6000 times/yr
AI Text to Video5 times/mo2400 times/yr6000 times/yr
AI Script5 times/mo2400 times/yr6000 times/yr
Remove Background3 credits/mo1200 credits/yr6000 credits/yr
Cloud StorageNo30GB100GB

FlexClip Pros

FlexClip Prons
FlexClip Stock Assets

FlexClip deserves your attention for a number of reasons:

Easily Accessible Via Web Browser

Downloading and installing an app to use a particular tool is a hassle at times. The video maker is cloud-based, so you can leverage it from anywhere and anytime with access to the Internet.

Availability of Rich Resources

Few video editors feature sufficient tools and assets for video editing. FlexClip’s numerous tools, templates, assets, and various elements allow you to create unique, creative, and stunning videos.

Get the YouTube Whitelist Feature

YouTube can flag any of FlexClip’s audio content for copyright infringement by mistake. By submitting your YouTube channel ID on the video editor’s whitelist, you can nullify the copyright claim.

Data Backup and High Security

The online video editing tool saves your newly created or edited video files in the cloud database. This prevents any data loss and ensures your video files stay secure.

Allows for Project Saving

Video making and editing is a lengthy task, so it requires periodic breaks. With the video editing tool, you can save your projects for later use, letting you work on your projects intermittently.

Excellent Customer Support

It’s sickening to run into a problem while using a tool and not finding a concrete solution. The FlexClip team provides top-notch customer support through tutorial guides and their help center.

FlexClip Cons

FlexClip Cons
FlexClip Templates

Despite the above upsides of FlexClip, the video editor has a few negative sides:

Free Version Limitations

The free version of a tool should have satisfactory features. But FlexClip offers limited features. Allowing only one stock video and one audio file per project is insufficient to meet most people’s video editing needs.

Slow Video Export Time  

A top-quality video-making tool should ensure quick export time. Unfortunately, FlexClip’s video export time is sluggish.

Should You Buy FlexClip for Your Video Projects?

FlexClip Video Project
FlexClip Video Project

We would recommend this online video editing software if you are looking to learn video making and editing efficiently.

Unfortunately, FlexClip has some significant limitations, especially if you need to create complex content or outgrow the capabilities of the platform. The free version is also quite limited, but if you have the budget, you can upgrade to access more features.

FlexClip is a more than decent video editing solution, especially for newcomers who need a platform to start learning. More experienced editors will likely not be impressed with what the platform has to offer.

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