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Editpad is a comprehensive toolkit that provides several online writing tools. All the tools provided by Editpad are powered up with modern AI technology for precise functioning. These tools are a helpful solution for different types of users including bloggers, copywriters, students, and many others (who have to deal with content creation in any way).

In this post, we are going to look at the role of Editpad’s AI tools in content creation. We’ll practically showcase the workings of every tool that we’ll discuss.

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Different AI Tools of Editpad for Content Creation

As we have discussed earlier Editpad is a comprehensive toolkit, and it offers dozens of online tools. All the tools are helpful in content creation in any way; however, we are not going to look at all the tools here. But we’ll discuss only those which are commonly used by almost all types of content creators.

1. Title Generator

Editpad’s Title generating tool is designed to generate titles for blogs, articles, essays, and even for your Vlog videos. As a content creator, you just need to provide the tool with the “Primary Keyword or Topic” and click the “Generate Titles” button. The tool will take no time to generate multiple tiles of different types including Guide, Listicle, Question, and Random.

Additionally, all the titles provided by the tool will be compelling, unique, and descriptive. From the provided results (titles) by the tool, you can choose the best title for your content.

Practical Use of the Editpad’s Title Generator:

We generated titles for “Health Issues” with the help of the tool. As you can see in the below demo:

Our Primary Keyword:

“Health Issues”

Titles We got by the tool:

  • Ultimate Guide to Improving Mental Health.
  • What Are the Most Common Health Issues in Women?
  • 10 Surprising Health Issues You Shouldn’t Ignore.
  • The Connection Between Sleep and Health Issues

Image of the Output:

EditPad's Generate Titles
Editpad’s Generate Titles

Note: This tool is capable of generating titles for every type of content.

2. Blog Outline Generator

After choosing a suitable title for your content by Title Generator of the Editpad, now is the time to create content outlines. For this, Editpad provides a Blog Outline Generator. It is also an AI-based tool that functions to automatically generate compelling outlines for a provided content topic or Title.

For Example:

“We created outlines for one of the above titles by Editpad’s blog outline generator. To do so, we simply pasted the title into the tool and pressed the Submit button. The outline generator came up with comprehensive outlines, within a few seconds.”

The below image shows the outlines generated by the tool:

EditPad's Generate Outline
Editpad’s Generate Outline

Important Note: The blog outline generator is not just limited to creating outlines for Blogs, but it is efficient for crafting outlines for every type of content including Thesis, Essays, News Articles, etc.

3. Text Summarizer

Editpad’s Text Summarizer is a summary generator that uses NLP and ML to summarize or condense long content pieces. Its working mechanism is focused on finding all the key points of the provided writing and expressing them briefly in a relatively short form.

Different Roles Played by the Text Summarizer In Content Creation:

You can use Editpad’s Text Summarizer in the below ways while content creation:

  • The Text Summarizer can play a helpful role in conducting research.
  • You can write effective Introductions, Abstracts, Conclusions, and Summaries for your content pieces with the help of the tool.
  • The tool is a helpful solution to remove wordiness and unnecessary details from your content.

And so on…

Real-Time Use of the Text Summarizer:

“We summarized the following paragraph with the Editpad’s Text Summarizer.”

Our Paragraph With Unnecessary Words:

Communication is considered a mother of all skills. It is super important to have skills for every employee or student. It will help you to express yourself clearly and effectively in front of people. Having a good grip on communication skills will make you convince or guide someone easily.


Summary Created by the Summarizer:

“Communication is essential for success, allowing clear expression and effective interaction.”

Editpad’s Text Summarizer.

Pictorial Demo:

EditPad’s Text Summarizer.
EditPad’s Text Summarizer.

4. Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker is an online tool that works to detect plagiarized text pieces from a given content. When content is passed through Editpad’s Plagiarism Checker, it uses the latest technology to match the provided content with all the data published on the internet.

In this case, if it finds any duplication or plagiarism in the content, it highlights that part and lists the sources of the matched content.

Practical Example:

We checked the below text shown in the image by the tool.

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Image Showing the Plagiarism Result by the Tool:

EditPad’s Plagiarism Detector
Editpad’s Plagiarism Detector

5. Paraphrasing Tool

Editpad’s Paraphraser is a well-known paraphrasing tool that is used for improving content quality by restating it into a new form. When content is paraphrased by the tool, it makes multiple changes including:

  • Words replacement.
  • Sentence merging and breaking.
  • Tone conversion.
  • Shuffling of words or phrases in the sentence.

Role of Paraphrasing Tool in Content Creation:

The Paraphrasing Tool can play multiple roles in content creation:

  • You can use it to transform plagiarized content into original or unique content.
  • The paraphraser is useful to simplify your complex content pieces.
  • It can help you automatically improve readability.
  • While content creation, the paraphrase will help you choose trendy and compelling wording.

A Real-Time Demo:

“We rephrased the following written content with Editpad’s AI Paraphrasing Tool.”

Original Content:

“Developing strong learning skills is essential for success in both academic and professional settings. These skills include effective time management, active listening, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.”

Paraphrased Into:

“Developing solid learning abilities is basic for victory in both scholarly and proficient settings. These abilities incorporate compelling time administration, dynamic tuning in, basic considering, and problem-solving abilities.”

EditPad’s AI Paraphrasing Tool

Image Showing Paraphrasing by the Tool:

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Editpad’s AI Paraphrasing Tool

6. Grammar Checker

Grammar Checker tool is another AI tool that finds and removes grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes from content.

Role Of Editpad’s Grammar Checker In Content Creation

  • It can help you proofread content for grammar, typos, and punctuation flaws.
  • It is not just useful for finding errors but also for solving them.

For Example:

“We checked the content below with the help of the Grammar Checker by Editpad.”

Our Content:

Tech advansements is happning so fast these days, it’s hard too keep up with all the new stuff. Evryday it seems like theres a new gadget or app coming out. I rember when cellphones were just for making calls, now they can do evrything from playing games to controlling your home’s temperature.”


EditPad’s Grammar Checker
Editpad’s Grammar Checker


Editpad’s AI-powered tools have streamlined and simplified the content creation process by providing efficient solutions for various writing needs.

In the above sections, we explained the different AI tools of Editpad for title generation, content improvement, proofreading, and outline generation. As a result, Editpad’s suite of AI tools is useful to empower content creators across diverse fields, enhancing productivity and quality in content creation tasks.

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