A huge chunk of any content creation strategy relies on words. Whether it’s for social media or your website, crafting concise and engaging copy is critical to winning over your market’s attention and trust.

Unfortunately, writing is tough, and not everyone’s a skilled wordsmith. This is where Hypotenuse AI comes in handy. This AI writing tool is your quick and easy solution for generating drafts for various purposes.

But how powerful is it?

This Hypotenuse AI review touches on the nitty-gritty aspects of this software. You’ll learn all about its features, perks, and cost, and decide if the tool meets your writing needs.

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What Is Hypotenuse AI?

Hypotenuse AI started as a chat function that streamlined the search for products on eCommerce websites. It then evolved into a full-on AI writer that helps users create high-quality content for a fraction of the time spent crafting it from scratch.

The foundation behind this tool combines advanced machine learning technology and computer vision to match images with descriptions accurately. This makes the software a reliable companion for crafting social media posts, which rely heavily on visuals.

Hypotenuse AI was co-founded in 2020 by Joshua Wong while helping a friend set up a website for selling vegan soap. They got frustrated at the incredible amount of time spent writing the site copy, and eventually got the idea of building an AI writer that gets the job done fast, with minimal human effort.

Who Uses Hypotenuse AI?

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Hypotenuse AI, like many software, isn’t for everyone. But some benefit a lot from making this tool part of their writing workflows:

  • Content Writers: Full-time and freelance content writers can use Hypotenuse AI to help generate ideas based on market trends
  • Social Media Managers: Social media leads who monitor, study, and assess online social media campaigns can use this tool to experiment with various writing formats and see which type generates more traffic
  • Affiliate Marketers: Content creators who rely on affiliate marketing to earn profit can use the tool to generate sentences and paragraphs that highlight the product they’re promoting without sounding like they’re hard-selling
  • Digital Marketing Agencies: Those running short and long-term marketing campaigns can use this tool to craft bulk copies to fill up their content calendar in advance
  • Website Owners: Hypotenuse AI can draft page descriptions, headlines, and landing page texts

Benefits of Using Hypotenuse AI

If you’re unsure of whether or not to give Hypotenuse AI a try, these benefits can help you decide:

Hassle-free Idea Generation

Using this artificial intelligence tool saves time when conjuring fresh ideas for your marketing campaigns. You can ask a question and provide keywords or relevant descriptions, and Hypotenuse AI will pull out topics with the best traction from your niche.

Faster Article Outline Creation

If the majority of your writing work is focused on researching and outlining, then having the ability to automate the task is a game-changer. Hypotenuse AI can generate subheadings to serve as your article’s H2s.

If your first go isn’t enough, you can generate another set, combine new headings with the original, and tweak the orders as you see fit.

Search Engine-Friendly Copy

Hypotenuse AI remains is far from a powerful SEO writing tool, but its copies are search engine-friendly. With a bit of tweaking, you can add more personality to your text while keeping concise and loved by search engines.

Best Features of Hypotenuse AI

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Despite being a newcomer in the AI writing industry, Hypotenuse AI offers many useful features for individual and small-scale business use.

Let’s discuss them in detail:


Hypotenuse AI offers five templates tailored to fit standard content marketing needs. Whether you’re stuck on finding ideas to write articles or struggle with repurposing your content, these templates can be your go-to for kick-starting a text.


It’s an end-to-end solution for writing long-form blog posts. You’ll get title ideas, sample outlines, tone selection, and article length options. All you need is a topic description and a few keywords, and you’re set.

Premium plans will give you additional customization options like changing POVs and adding a call to action.


The’ General’ template is the best option for repurposing existing blog articles or updating some social media captions. It has six different functions focused on creating jargon-free landing pages, writing persuasive blogs, summarizing full-length articles, and more.

Ads & Social

Hypotenuse AI’s ‘Ads & Social’ template is worth all your attention if you want an AI-powered writing assistant intended for social media. From writing lead-generating Google ads copy to crafting video hooks and intros, this template helps you build enticing social posts with human-like fluency.


The ‘Site’ template is ideal for the basic written components of your website’s structure. This includes headlines, slogans, landing pages, category descriptions, author bios, and more. If writer’s block forces you to settle with a Lorem Ipsum placeholder, this template is your instant fix.

Newsletters & Comms

This is ideal for email marketing campaigns, newsletters, and press releases. It crafts concise and niche-targeted copy that resonates with your audience. Just provide the purpose of the email or a short description of an announcement, and the rest follows.

Hypo Art

Graphic design or photography isn’t everyone’s strong suit, and this feature is Hypotenuse AI‘s way of saying it’s got you covered. Creating art is straightforward, and requires only:

  • Desired Image Description: Describe the subject, weather, ambiance, etc.
  • Type: Choose between photograph, digital illustration, artwork, or 3D render finish
  • Aesthetic: Select from ten different vibes. Most popular include vintage, fantasy, and gothic.
  • Mood and Lighting: There are ten options to enhance the appeal of your image. Popular picks include dark, cinematic lighting, and calm
  • Artist or Style: Includes an incredible 32-style selection to get you that artist-inspired look. Options include oil painting, anime, acrylic on canvas, and more
  • Size: Choose between square, landscape, or portrait and choose your preferred dimensions

Hypo Chat

Hypo Chat’s still in the beta stage, but it can up with answers to random questions well. We’ve tried asking for trends in gardening blog writing, and it came up with 12 trends and links to its sources. That’s one robust result for a startup idea generator!

Product Catalogs

This feature is ideal for eCommerce and creating product descriptions across various categories.

You can create catalogs and use them as vaults to store all generated product descriptions. You’ll then have the option to export it to a CSV or your Shopify account using its integration feature.

Batch Generation

This feature goes hand in hand with Product Catalogs and is best for eCommerce. After creating a catalog name, you can upload a spreadsheet compiling all product data like name, brand, image source, and tags.

Hypotenuse AI prompts you to align your spreadsheet data with its built-in product fields. Once done, you’ll see all your product inside the catalog, complete with images and short, catchy descriptions.

Content Detective

Content Detective allows you to fact-check points in your article and find relevant sources to use in your citations with a click. It’s an effortless way to generate high-quality content backed by data.

Multiple Languages Availability

If you have an international market, you’ll be pleased to know that Hypotenuse AI is available in 25 languages. This helps you tailor your messaging fit for each market’s geography.

You can view and change options by clicking the ‘Language’ button on the upper right of each page.

Robust Documentation and Guides

Aside from its user-friendly interface, Hypotenuse AI has an impressive Help Center packed with guides and FAQs to help you learn each feature. It also has instructional videos that demonstrate each aspect of content production.

Plagiarism Checker

AI content generator tools give you results at lightning speed, but it doesn’t guarantee 100% original content. Hypotenuse AI’s plagiarism checker can examine the uniqueness of your article by giving out a specific percentage of phrases or sentences written the same as other online content.

This helps you tweak and edit sections without poring over the entire article. To access this feature, click on the shield icon on the top right section of your blog editor.

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Hypotenuse AI Pricing

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Hypotenuse AI has a 7-day free trial and three paid plans. Both the Starter and Growth plans offer monthly or annual billing options, while Enterprise has a custom rate dependent on your needs.

Here’s a look at the inclusions of each plan: Hypotenuse AI Pricing

Starter Plan

The starter plan is best for individual users who juggle between long-form content and captioning regularly. It costs $24 per month, billed manually, or $29 monthly.

Starter Plan Features

  • One user
  • 100 credits (25,000 words)
  • 200 watermark-free AI images
  • Bulk product descriptions
  • 25+ languages
  • Start-to-finish article writing wizard
  • Standard support

Growth Plan

The Growth plan is for small content marketing teams that need to generate high-quality content across multiple platforms.

This plan has two pricing categories based on credits:

  • 350 credits: $49 per month billed annually, or $59 monthly
  • 700 credits: $90 per month billed annually, or $109 monthly

Growth Plan Features

  • Up to 5 users
  • All Starter plan features
  • 350 credits (87,500 words) or 700 credits (175,000 words)
  • Unlimited watermark-free AI images
  • 25 plagiarism checks
  • Priority support

Enterprise Plan

This plan is custom-fit for users who demand the best from their AI writing tools. Cost varies depending on your feature requirements.

Enterprise Plan Features

  • Over 5 users
  • Annual license-based pricing
  • Custom templates tailored to your brand
  • API Access
  • User roles for team members
  • Personal account manager

Pros of Using Hypotenuse AI

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If you’re still unsure about Hypotenuse’s compatibility with your needs, here are some pros you can consider:

It’s Beginner-Friendly

There’s no room for complexity in this AI writing tool’s interface. Everything is easy on the eyes, from the navigation to its font and color palettes. If you get stuck at something, a quick visit to its Help Center should do the trick.

It Supports Shopify Integration

Not all AI copywriting tools support Shopify, so this one’s a welcomed treat, especially for a newcomer who isn’t used to juggling multiple tools.

Image Generation Process Is Straightforward

You don’t have to familiarize yourself with graphic design jargon. Just describe the image in your own words, pick a style, and hit ‘Generate Image.’ If you want to edit the photo, hit ‘Reset Input’ and change the fields.

Customer Support Is Responsive

While we had no major technical issues with the tool, we found their email support responsive when we asked them a general query. The response came in less than 24 hours.

Cons of Using Hypotenuse AI

Despite the tool’s attractive features, its limits can be a bummer to some users:

Available Templates Aren’t That Extensive

While Hypotenuse AI’s features are instant hits with content creators, its template selection leaves much to be desired. Established companies or marketing agencies with massive marketing needs may see the tool’s template as lacking when it comes to the depth and variety of the written content.

Output Requires Proofreading

The short-form content generated from this tool is often publish-ready, but its long-form content output is a different story. While packed with useful data and a solid outline, we found instances of redundancy and unnecessary details.

In Summary

Hypotenuse AI is perfect for eCommerce sites and social media marketing campaigns that require consistent write-ups to attract customers and followers. Its content templates, though minimal, deliver fast results, allowing you more time to focus on strategizing instead of stressing over what to write next.

As a beginner writer or eCommerce business owner, Hypotenuse proves to be an efficient right hand to help you wield effective marketing copies with a few clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Hypotenuse Credits, and How Do You Earn Them?

Credits are your writing currency to use the tool’s features. Each plan has a credit limit equal to a specific number of words. For instance, one product description uses up to 1 credit. Blog posts need between 1-8.

You earn credits by upgrading your paid plans or inviting friends to subscribe to one of the tool’s paid plans. Once other people subscribe through your referral, Hypotenuse gives you 50 extra credits.

Do You Need a Credit Card to Try Hypotenuse Free Trial?

No, you don’t! You can test the AI writing tool without having to worry about them auto-debiting your card once the free trial expires.

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