Writing can be tough. Not everyone has a way with words, and for the people who do, words do elude them from time to time. But when you have a content schedule to meet, being lost for words isn’t going to cut it.

Enter Jasper AI, an artificial intelligence-powered writing assistant engineered to help with creative blocks. This software has been a game changer in the online marketing world and has rescued many writers from the cruel gaze of a blank white screen.

But is it any good?

This Jasper AI review will give you all the information you need to know about this software. You’ll learn about its benefits, features, pricing, and other information that’ll help you determine whether Jasper AI is right for you.

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What is Jasper.AI?

Jasper AI is artificial intelligence-powered writing software that uses natural language processing (NLP) technology to produce content. You can use it when creating content like full blog posts, product descriptions, content for landing pages, copy for Google Ads, meta descriptions, and more. And it writes almost as naturally as a human writer.

Jasper’s underlying technology, GPT-3, has been trained on roughly 10% of the internet, and this acquired knowledge is what gives it the capacity to generate text that reads as though it was written by a human.

“Jasper’s underlying technology, GPT-3, has been trained on roughly 10% of the internet

The software was launched in 2020 by a small team of developers and was released to the public in January 2021. In its early days, it was called Jarvis AI but was forced to rebrand when the Walt Disney Company threatened to sue for copyright infringement. Apparently, the House of Mouse didn’t like that it shared the same name as Iron Man’s AI.

Recently, Jasper AI raised $125 million in a Series A funding round, valuing the startup at $1.5 billion. The company continues to grow its subscriber base and team members (more below).

Who Uses Jasper.AI?

The most common Jasper AI users are bloggers and affiliate marketers who need to create blog posts regularly.

Other businesspeople benefiting from using this AI assistant include:

  • Online Entrepreneurs: e-commerce store owners use Jasper AI to create product descriptions and website content
  • Marketers and Digital Marketing Agencies: Jasper AI helps marketers and agencies generate email subject lines, social media posts, blog post topic ideas, and so on.
  • YouTubers: YouTubers use Jasper to generate video descriptions, catchy introductions, etc.
  • Content Writers: Freelance content writers use Jasper to brainstorm ideas and speed up their workflow when juggling multiple clients.
  • Self-Published Authors: Authors who opt to publish their work through platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing and Lulu use Jasper to get beyond the blank page.
  • Niche Site Owners: Website owners use Jasper to reply to comments, craft responses for reviews, and create website copy.

Jasper AI is versatile software, so just about anyone can use it to generate AI content.

Here are a couple of use cases:

  • Blog Posts: Blogging can be time-consuming. You can spend hours producing one article, and that doesn’t count the research and formatting side of your workflow. However, thanks to Jasper AI’s content-generation capabilities, you can reduce the time you spend on a blog post significantly.
  • Blog Post Outlines: Sometimes, you might find it challenging to outline your blog post, preventing you from writing to schedule. Jasper AI solves this issue by generating blog post outlines for you. So when you provide the software with context on what you want to be written, Jasper AI will spit out an outline that you can flesh out into a full post.
  • Ad Copy: Jasper excels at producing ad copy for social media sites like Facebook and search engines like Google. Whether you need an attention-grabbing headline or a convincing body, this software is up to the task.
  • FAQ Sections: Long-form content usually includes a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section to answer visitor queries. If you struggle with coming up with questions or answers, Jasper can generate some for your post.
  • Email Subject Lines: Building a mailing list is an excellent way for bloggers and marketers to maintain contact with their audience. Jasper can craft compelling email subject lines that’ll make recipients open your emails every time.

As will become clear later on in this Jasper AI review, the above use cases barely scratch the surface of what Jasper can do for you.

Benefits of Using Jasper.AI

Jasper.ai WebSite
Jasper.ai WebSite

AI writing tools like Jasper AI offer several benefits. Some of the most prominent ones include the following.

Higher Content Output

The most prominent benefit bloggers and affiliate marketers can expect from using Jasper AI is a higher output of blog articles. This AI software can generate everything from a blog post intro paragraph to a blog post outline.

Speedier Workflow

Thanks to its content templates, most users will benefit from Jasper’s speedier workflow. If you struggle with writer’s block, you’ll appreciate how the templates let you create content without struggling with the blank page.

Convenient Content Creation

Jasper AI software makes writing long-form blog posts as simple as issuing vocal commands. Its Boss Mode feature (more below) lets you tell it what you want it to write in plain English. Think Siri, but for content writing.

High-Quality Content On Demand

With Jasper, you can get high-quality content on demand. Unlike working with a human writer who has work hours and closing times, Jasper is available 24/7, 365 days to crank out content for you when you need it. It doesn’t take breaks, holidays, or sick leave. And Jasper won’t ever miss a deadline.

Multilingual Translation

In addition to being a content generation machine, Jasper’s language translation capabilities let you reach non-English speaking audiences. Self-published authors stand to gain the most from this benefit since they can publish their work in the different territories whose language Jasper is fluent in.

Saves You Money

Using Jasper allows you to cut the cost of hiring expensive freelance writers. Rather than spending a couple of hundred dollars for one blog post, you can spend under $100 for a set number of word credits each month and generate as much content as your credits allow.

The Jasper AI Team

Jasper’s team is based in Austin, Texas. It comprises an 80+ strong group of passionate folk led by Jasper’s CEO, Dave Rogenmoser

The team’s size is indicative of how quickly the company has grown, so you can expect this software to receive long-term support. They’re constantly rolling out new features, the most recent being an acquisition of the Outrite browser extension, the Jasper Chrome browser extension, and the Jasper Art feature.

Best Features of Jasper.AI

As one of the most feature-packed AI writers on the market, Jasper AI’s capabilities are impressive. I discuss some of its many features in this section.


50+ Jasper AI Templates (Jasper AI Review)
50+ Jasper AI Templates

Jasper AI provides many templates that give you an excellent starting point when creating content. Many of them are geared toward short-form content, but they’re incredibly useful for getting over writer’s block. Let’s check out some of the most useful ones.

AIDA Framework

One of Jasper's templates using the AIDA framework
One of Jasper’s templates using the AIDA framework

AIDA stands for awareness-interest-desire-action. It’s a marketing model that describes the four stages consumers go through when interacting with a brand.

As it relates to Jasper and content creation, this template helps you write content that targets each stage of the customer’s journey. In other words, you can use Jasper’s AIDA framework to write blog posts and social media posts that create awareness, generate interest, stimulate desire, and convince your target audience to take action.

PAS Framework

One of Jasper's templates using the PAS framework
One of Jasper’s templates using the PAS framework

Jasper’s PAS framework is to copywriting what its AIDA framework is to blogs and articles. PAS is an acronym for problem-agitate-solution, and the goal of using this marketing model is to write persuasive messaging. So this template is best for copywriters who want to write convincing copy (for ads, e-commerce websites, etc.).

The “problem” part of the model involves communicating to your readers that you understand the problem they’re experiencing. Meanwhile, the “agitate” component dictates writing with empathy. Finally, the “solution” part of PAS writing philosophy is about convincingly offering a solution.

Content Improver

If you need to update old blog posts or improve posts that aren’t ranking well on search engine results pages, you can use Jasper AI’s content improver template.

Unlike the other templates, you’ll need protein content to get this one to work. Once you input your content into this template, Jasper will provide a list of suggestions for improving the work. You can sift through Jasper’s suggestions and incorporate the parts you like. 

Product Description

This self-explanatory template is for e-commerce store owners, Amazon merchants, drop shippers, and other entrepreneurs selling physical or digital products online. It helps you write interesting product descriptions that could potentially lead to an uptick in conversions.

Blog Post INTRO Paragraph

Introductions are among the most difficult and time-consuming blog post sections to write. The reason they’re so challenging is that you need to make them engaging to grab and hold your audience’s interest.

Jasper AI’s blog post intro template aims to solve this issue by helping you craft introductions quickly. The template’s output is an opening paragraph that grabs attention and encourages your audience to keep reading.

Blog Post Outline Template

One of Jasper's templates using the Blog Post Outline
One of Jasper’s templates using the Blog Post Outline

The blog post outline template does what it says on the tin: it provides a template for blog post outlines. This template is excellent for bloggers who struggle with idea generation, and how to structure the topic they’re writing on.

Sentence Expander

The sentence expander template helps propel your writing to your article’s final full stop by converting short sentences into more complex ones. And it performs this feat without butchering the original sentence’s message.

This template is excellent for sparking ideas, improving your writing, and speeding up your workflow.

Video Script Hook and Introduction

YouTubers and video-based content creators will appreciate this template. It does for them what the blog post introduction paragraph template does for bloggers, i.e., provides a compelling introduction to a video script that’ll make viewers watch till the end.

Some honorable mentions include:

  • Email Subject Lines Template
  • Facebook Ad Primary Text
  • Facebook Ad Headline
  • Explain It To A Child
  • Google Ads Headline
  • Google Ads Description
  • Google My Business – What’s New Post
  • Google My Business – Events Post
  • Google My Business – Offer Post
  • Amazon Product Features
  • Website Subheadline
  • Photo Post Captions
  • Persuasive Bullet Points
  • Review Responder
  • Personalized Cold Emails
  • Personal Bio
  • Company Bio
  • Real Estate Listing
  • Creative Story

The above templates are a drop in the bucket of what Jasper offers. There are over 50 templates available.

Boss Mode

The next Jasper AI feature that makes this software a godsend to content creators is its Boss Mode. Unlike the templates, which are geared toward short-form content, this feature outputs high-quality long-form content (e.g., articles on your WordPress blog with a word count exceeding 1000).

Boss Mode’s main draw is the method used to get the software to do your bidding. Rather than typing out instructions with your keyboard (as you would when using the Jasper Recipes feature), Boss Mode lets you give Jasper instructions vocally. In other words, as you would when speaking to another human. 

Jasper’s commands are what allow you to speak to Jasper in plain English. At their core, they’re made up of three components:

  • An action (e.g., “write”)
  • A structure (e.g., “blog post intro paragraph”); and 
  • A direction (e.g., “The benefits of chocolate as it relates to anxiety”)

Jasper understands an infinite number of commands, so you can phrase your vocal instructions in any way you see fit so long as they adhere to the three command components (i.e., action + structure + direction). In other words, you don’t have to use the word “write” all the time.

Some examples of commands include:

  • “Build a blog post outline about the steps to planting a tree.”
  • “Summarize the above content into five bullet points.”
  • “Answer the question ‘How much should I workout each week?'”

Each of the above sentences represents a valid command that Jasper will automatically carry out.

Jasper Docs

Jasper Docs
Jasper Docs

Boss Mode unlocks Jasper’s long-form assistant and the Jasper Docs editor. This feature provides a text editor and text boxes you can use to give Jasper instructions on what you want it to write.

You can set the writing tone, so Jasper writes in a particular style (e.g., “professional”) or like a particular person (“Steve Jobs”). And when you hit the “Compose” button, Jasper will generate content based on your inputs.

What’s particularly impressive about working with Jasper Docs is that it can expand on content it’s already generated. Keep hitting the compose button, and Jasper will generate lines upon lines of text related to your original inputs. The software achieves this feat by constantly analyzing the past 3,000 characters in your documents.

In essence, Jasper Docs lets you finish the first draught five times quicker than if you wrote it yourself from scratch. You can rely on Jasper to do 80% of the work (writing) while you do the remaining 20% (editing).

Jasper Recipes

Jasper Recipes
Jasper Recipes

Jasper Recipes is another Boss Mode feature that leverages the Jasper Docs content editor to simplify and speed up your writing workflow. You can choose from a wide selection of recipes like a Facebook ad, blog post, and so on. And when you make a selection, you’ll notice that the Jasper Docs editor gets populated with content when it launches.

Jasper Recipe Commands
Jasper Recipe Commands

The content in question is a list of commands specific to your chosen Jasper recipe. You can think of the commands as you would an ingredient list. For example, the blog post recipe is populated with the following commands:

  • Write a brief for {TOPIC}
  • Write blog title ideas
  • Write an introduction
  • Write a blog outline
  • Write about {OUTLINE_ITEM_1}
  • Write about {OUTLINE_ITEM_2}
  • Write about {OUTLINE_ITEM_3}
  • Write a blog conclusion on {OUTLINE_ITEM_1}, {OUTLINE_ITEM_2}, {OUTLINE_ITEM_3}

All you need to do to use this feature is run the different commands line by line by pressing “ctrl” and “enter” (“cmd” and “enter” for Mac users). Jasper will do the rest.

Jasper for Business

The Jasper for Business plan has features for large enterprises that need to produce content at scale. The most notable ones are:

  • Collaboration: Thanks to Jasper for Business’s collaboration functionality, team members scattered across the globe can collaborate on the same projects remotely. Adjustments and updates happen in real-time, allowing for in-sync teamwork.
  • Permission and Document-Sharing: This feature lets you regulate access to team projects. You can assign user permissions and roles to different team members, grant or revoke access, restrict project visibility to specific teams, and more.
  • Custom Templates: You’re not restricted to using Jasper’s built-in templates. The Jasper team can craft custom templates for your team, giving you a tailor-made experience.

The above are some of the features large teams can expect when subscribed to Jasper’s Business plan. You can request a demo here to find out more about this plan’s features.


Jasper AI integrates with useful third-party software that helps produce SEO-optimized blog posts. These apps include the following.

Surfer SEO

Jasper docs integration with Surfer SEO
Jasper docs integration with Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is one of the main tools bloggers and SEOs use when optimizing content for search engines. The software helps you compete with the top five sites on page one of search engine results. Surfer pulls that off by analyzing their content for keywords, word count, density, and other ranking factors.

Jasper and Surfer SEO entered into an integration partnership in April 2021. The partnership combines its powerful content-generation functionality with Surfer’s optimization capabilities, meaning you can write more optimized content quickly.

One thing to note about this feature is that you need to subscribe to a Surfer SEO plan separately to be able to use it with Jasper AI.


Grammarly is an AI assistant that checks content for grammatical and spelling errors and makes suggestions to improve sentence structure. It’s an incredibly popular software that’s a hundred times more powerful than AI assistants in-text editors like Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

Jasper’s Grammarly integration brings the grammar-checking software’s functionality to your content writing workflow. Together, the two AI assistants form a content-writing powerhouse. While one generates content for you from scratch, the other one looks over the content to catch errors and identify areas of improvement.

You can think of Grammarly as representing a second pair of eyes on Jasper’s content. Editing Jasper’s output forms a huge part of your interactions with the software, so having Grammarly onboard can reduce your workload even further.


Jasper's plagiarism checker
Jasper’s plagiarism checker

Copyscape is a software for checking plagiarism. It’s used by millions of people around the world to ensure their content isn’t being plagiarized or to avoid plagiarizing other people’s work. The software can detect duplicate content and content fraud and has been at the center of a plagiarism scandal involving Apple inc.

Jasper AI has a plagiarism checker that’s powered by Copyscape (available with Boss Mode only). You can use it to ensure the content Jasper generates is 100% original. 

Language Support

Jasper AI supports translation into over 25 languages. Some supported languages include:

  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • Slovak
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • Russian
  • French
  • Bulgarian
  • Polish; and
  • Estonian (view the complete list here).

You can use this feature by specifying your input and output languages. Jasper will write your content in the output language, expanding your content’s reach to non-native English speakers.

Project Folders

One of Jasper AI’s defining features is its ability to generate content quickly. However, things can quickly get out of hand when you produce article after article, especially when you’re working as part of a team.

Whether working alone or with other teammates, project folders help you stay organized. You can start up different project folders and switch between them as well. So if you run a content writing agency and are juggling multiple clients’ work, you’ll be using project folders a lot.

Jasper AI Bootcamp, Live Jasper 101 Training, and Community

Jasper AI has a Bootcamp that offers training to anyone who wants to get the best out of this software. It’s designed to provide tutorials about Jasper’s different capabilities and functions. I highly recommend you sign up for the Bootcamp, as it’s an invaluable resource with a treasure trove of Jasper AI-related information.

If you think AI writing software is the future and want to master one of the best tools as quickly as possible, the Jasper AI Bootcamp is where it’s at. The Jasper team constantly updates the Bootcamp in tandem with the updates they make to Jasper. It’s available on the Jasper website, and it’s free.

Aside from the Bootcamp, Jasper hosts live training sessions every Thursday at 12.00 pm EST. You can save your spot here, and the Jasper team will give you 5,000 bonus credits for attending and taking the time to learn.

Finally, the Jasper team maintains a private Facebook group with the hashtag JasperNation. The group has over 70,000 members, and it’s an excellent place to learn from fellow Jasper users.

Jasper Art

Planet City scape generated using Jasper Art
Planet cityscape generated using Jasper Art

One of this software’s most recent features is Jasper Art. This feature lets you use Jasper to create illustrations and art for a blog post, Facebook ad, website, and so on. It saves you the time you’d otherwise spend searching for the perfect image online. Instead, you can describe the image you want Jasper to generate, and it’ll return some results for you to choose from.

The process of using this feature is as follows:

  • Type out a description of the image you want Jasper to create.
  • Acting on your inputs, Jasper generates four image outputs.
  • You can copy your chosen image into your blog or screenshot it and share it.

To get the most out of this feature, you need to describe the image you want in detail. You can use phrases like ” in the style of” if you want the image to look a certain way (e.g., in the style of a Vincent Van Gogh painting) or “ultra-realistic” for more photo-realistic, high-resolution images.

Also, use as many descriptive words as possible and separate details with commas. Doing so gives Jasper more to work with and will result in output that more closely matches your instructions.

Jasper Chrome Extension

Jasper Chrome Extension
Jasper Chrome Extension

Jasper’s Chrome extension is another relatively new feature introduced by the Jasper team. It lets you use Jasper’s capabilities around the web without needing to log into the Jasper AI app.

For example, if you find yourself grasping for words while drafting a Gmail, you can turn to Jasper right in the Gmail browser window to supply the words you need.

The feature makes Jasper a writing assistant on the go. You can use it to generate quick, witty replies in message boards and product descriptions while logged into your Amazon merchant account, respond to questions directly on Quora, prepare ad copy while in Facebook’s Ad Manager, etcetera. And it saves you the trouble of flipping between multiple browser windows.

Affiliate Program

Jasper Affiliate Program web page
Jasper Affiliate Program web page

You can join Jasper’s affiliate program by applying to become a partner. If you’re accepted, the Jasper team will give you a unique referral link that you can provide to your audience members when promoting the software. The link tracks the number of people who click and signup for a Jasper AI subscription plan.

The Jasper team pays a monthly 30% recurrent commission for life, i.e., for as long as the people you refer continue to renew their subscription. And when your referees sign up through your link for the first time, they receive 10,000 bonus credits free. 


You can reach Jasper’s support team using the address hey@jasper.ai. Their customer service representatives respond quickly, within 30 minutes in some cases. 

Alternatively, you can use the help button at the bottom-right corner of your screen while using the app to get answers to questions on the fly. Clicking the button reveals a pop-up box with buttons that provide a choice between viewing the training, asking the Jasper community, joining a live Q&A call, or getting support.

If you click the “Get Support” button, you’ll be transported to a page of answers from Jasper’s documentation. At the top of the page, you’ll see two tabs: “Answers,” which is the active tab when you land on the page, and “Ask.” Choosing the “Ask” tab lets you submit a support ticket.

Jasper AI Pricing

Jasper's Pricing Page
Jasper’s Pricing Page

Jasper AI has three plans. The Starter plan starts at $29 per month for 20,000-word credits. The Boss Mode plan starts at $59 per month for 50,000-word credits. And the Business plan has a custom price, which you can set when you contact Jasper’s sales team.

The first two plans operate on a scale representing the total number of word credits available to you during the month. While the Starter plan ranges between 20,000 and 320,000-word credits, the Boss Mode plan ranges between 50,000 and 700,000-word credits.

Starter Plan

Here are the Starter Plan features.


  • Up to five users
  • Short-form content generation
  • Over 50 AI templates
  • Chrome extension
  • Support for over 29 languages
  • Auto-save
  • History Search
  • Email support
  • Unlimited Project Folders

Boss Mode Plan

In addition to all the Starter Plan’s features, the Boss Mode plan includes the following.


  • A Google Docs-style editor
  • Long-form content generation
  • Compose and command features
  • Live chat support
  • SEO Mode
  • Access to the Plagiarism Checker
  • Integration with Grammarly
  • Jasper Recipes feature

Business Plan

The Business plan has all the Boss Mode plan’s features plus extras.


  • Access for over five users
  • Custom AI templates
  • Document sharing and permissions
  • Personalized onboarding and training
  • Support from a dedicated account manager

You can try both plans free of charge for five days. The free trial includes 10,000-word credits. Additionally, if you pay for a full year, you get two months free of charge. That equates to savings on whatever plan you opt into.

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Pros of Using Jasper.AI

There are many reasons why you should incorporate this AI writing software into your content creation workflow. I discuss several of them below.

It’s Easy to Use

Jasper AI’s ease of use is one of the software’s biggest advantages. It doesn’t have a high learning curve, meaning people who’ve never used an AI copywriting tool before can learn the ropes quickly. If its intuitive controls weren’t already enough, the Jasper Boss Mode feature simplifies creating AI-generated content to vocal commands.

It Has a Clean User Interface

This software has an incredibly clutter-free user interface (UI) that avoids distracting you during use. The UI is clean and pleasing to the eye, offering a stress-free user experience. And all inputs, buttons, and functions are positioned logically, putting Jasper’s powerful functionality within reach.

Jasper AI Banishes Writer’s Block

The sheer volume of content types you can generate with Jasper AI is phenomenal. Need a Facebook ad headline? Done! Want to write video scripts or video titles? Jasper AI can help. Do you lack copywriting skills? Not a problem!

No matter what you need, Jasper will get you past the blinking cursor and blank screen, and it generates original content 99% of the time.

Using Jasper Saves You Time

Jasper AI saves you time. If it takes you a couple of hours to write blog articles and other long-form content, Jasper will cut that time down to minutes. In addition, tools like its sentence expander can take you from a few sentences to a full-fledged blog post in seconds.

Jasper AI Writes Naturally

This software outputs high-quality content that reads naturally most of the time. When you do a side-by-side analysis of Jasper’s AI-generated text and original content written by a human, you might not be able to tell the difference. That’s an impressive feat considering machine learning is still in its infancy.

Integrates with Optimization Software

The team behind Jasper seems to know that creating content is only half the battle and that getting your content ranked on search engines is the missing piece of the puzzle. Therefore, Jasper’s Surfer SEO integration is a fantastic feature that makes it one of the best AI writers for creating SEO-optimized blog posts.

Jasper AI Support Is Responsive and Quick

The headline speaks for itself: I was impressed by how supportive the Jasper AI customer service reps were when I ran into issues. When coupled with Jasper’s Facebook community (which comprises pleasant and knowledgeable Jasper users), its Bootcamp, and live sessions, it’s safe to say the Jasper team provides plenty of support.

Cons of Using Jasper.AI

Despite setting the standard for AI writing software and being the best AI copywriting tool available, Jasper still suffers from flaws. The most glaring ones include the following.

The Plagiarism Checker Is Only Available on the Boss Mode Plan

Unfortunately, Jasper AI’s plagiarism checker isn’t a feature available by default on all plans. You can only use it with the Boss Mode plan. That’s a shame because, in as much as the Jasper team claims their AI generates original content, you can’t be 100% certain. So restricting this feature to the Boss Mode plan doesn’t sit well with customers.

Jasper AI Occasionally Outputs Irrelevant Content

It’s not lost on me that AI writing tools still have a long way to go before they can consistently generate great content. However, some of the output I received from Jasper AI was so unrelated to the inputs I gave the software as to warrant this con.

In Summary

Jarvis Desk 1080x675 1
Image Source

Jasper AI offers bloggers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and more an unbeatable solution to their content-production woes. Features like its huge library of templates, support for multiple languages, and Boss Mode Jasper commands will help to speed up your workflow and increase your content output two-fold.

This software provides benefits like speedier content production, a convenient workflow, and higher output. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is Better? Jasper or Copy AI?

Jasper is the superior AI assistant. The reason I recommend it over Copy AI is that it can generate both short and long-form content. Copy AI isn’t suited for long-form content and doesn’t have as many features as Jasper, nor is its output higher quality.

Can Jasper AI Write a Book?

Yes! Jasper is such a powerful AI assistant that it can write an entire novel or nonfiction book. Despite being primarily aimed at marketers, this software has a Creative Story template that handles stories. With that said, for best results, ensure you edit the content for coherence.

Is Jasper a Good Tool?

Absolutely! Jasper remains the best AI writing assistant on the market. It’s the most feature-packed software in its category and outputs the most natural content. Amazingly, Jasper is still learning, meaning the software will only get better with time.

Can You Cancel Jasper?

You can! Whether you subscribe to one of its monthly subscription tiers or sign up for the free trial, you can cancel your subscription at any time. In the latter case, cancel your subscription within the five-day trial period if you don’t plan to subscribe to a plan and don’t want to be billed automatically.

Is Jasper Good for Copywriting?

It most certainly is! Jasper handles copywriting tasks with ease. It has a range of templates and recipes that can help you create copy destined for all manner of places (Facebook, Google, Amazon, your website, etc.). And all the content it generates is plagiarism-free and grammatically sound.

When Did Jasper AI Launch?

Jasper launched in January 2021 and has since grown to assist over 70,000 unique paying subscribers.

Can I use Jasper AI to create email marketing content?

Yes, Jasper has many templates to create email marketing content. All of these email solutions will benefit from using an AI writing tool. GetResponse offers a free trial account.

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