Is extracting text manually from images giving you a headache? Do you want a solution to this situation?

Well, what if I tell you that there is a free tool that can lift all your burden of extracting text from images? You’ll be more than happy with that. I’m talking about It is a free online image to text conversion tool that transforms an image’s text into editable characters.

Is it a good image to text converter tool? Worry no more because I’ve done the homework for you. I’ve tested & reviewed this tool. In today’s post, I’ll explore all its features so that you can decide whether it is a valuable tool. Here you go.

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What is

image 76 A Free Online Image to Text Converter is a free online tool that lets you extract text from images efficiently. The user-friendly interface of this tool provides a seamless experience for users. With this tool, you can transform images into readable text in a few clicks.

Whether you have handwritten notes, important screenshots, or any other scanned documents, has the capability of converting them into editable text. By using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, this tool ensures accurate & reliable results every time you use it.

How do you extract text from images using this powerful tool?

JPG to Text Converter
JPG to Text Converter

Image to text conversion has been made a breeze by this advanced tool. Follow these straightforward steps to use this tool:

Upload the image

Feed this tool with the image you want to convert into text. Simply click on the “Choose File” option to import an image from your computer or mobile phone. also supports the drag-and-drop functionality. You can also utilize this feature to upload the image.

Start the text extraction process

It’s time to tap on the “Extract Now” button of the tool to initiate the process.

Copy or Save the text

It will take a couple of seconds to process the image. There you go —- your text will be extracted. Press the Copy or Download icon to save the extracted text.

Translate the extracted text

Now you have the option to translate the extracted text in the language you want. supports numerous languages. Just choose the language & it’ll translate the text in it. Amazing!

My experience with

JPGotext Image 2 A Free Online Image to Text Converter

Superb conversion experience

After testing this JPG to text converter, I was pretty impressed by its intuitive & clear interface & remarkable conversion process. I simply uploaded the image containing text & let it do the rest of the work.

Within a few seconds, I had the extracted text on my laptop screen. Additionally, the “Copy” & “Download” options enhanced my entire conversion experience. I didn’t need to select all the extracted text & press the “Ctrl+C” button. Not at all!

Just a single click on the Copy icon did the magic for me. It is simple & straightforward.

100% accuracy

Another standout feature of this tool is its accuracy in converting images into editable texts. During the testing process, I found that was able to recognize & extract characters from the image with high accuracy.

Additionally, I feed this tool with images containing different font styles & sizes. And guess what? It even delivered accurate results. I used it to extract quotes from academic journals.

Tackle multiple formats

This is probably one of the best features of this tool – its capability to convert images of all formats into texts. Yes, I came to know that in addition to supporting JPG image format, this online image to text converter tool also supports PNG & GIF formats.

Therefore, is a versatile & convenient tool for all users. Whether you want to extract text from a photograph on your mobile phone or a scanned document on your laptop, this tool is the go-to resource for meeting these needs.

Free to use is a free tool. This means that you can benefit from its remarkable features without having to worry about subscriptions & hidden charges. This transparency contributes to this tool’s authority as a reputable image to text converter tool on the internet.

Fast processing speed

The team behind has really done hard work to make sure that this tool extracts text from images in a lightning-fast way. With OCR technology at its core, this online image to text converter tool can analyze the uploaded images & extract text from them with precision & impressive speed.


When it comes to OCR tools, you need to consider the following two important elements:

  1. Trust
  2. Reliability

    I found that this tool has built a solid reputation for being a trustworthy & reliable resource for transforming images into text. With a clean & clear interface, you can feel confident in the tool’s functioning & ability to handle sensitive images & deliver accurate results.

    Batch processing

    Last but not least, this tool offers a batch-processing feature & I’m pretty much impressed with it. When you want to convert numerous images into text in the shortest possible time, its batch-processing feature comes in handy.

    It lets you transform images into text instantly, saving you time. It streamlined my work & made my workflow a lot easier & simpler. I’m satisfied that my documents were transformed into editable text in a few seconds.

    Final Thoughts is a standalone tool for transforming images to text with utmost accuracy, reliability, & speed. With its easy-to-navigate interface, OCR technology, advanced features, & commitment to excellence, this free tool is really a valuable resource for anyone looking to save time & streamline his workflow.

    To me, this free image to text converter is incredibly useful. Extracting text from images in seconds feels like magic. Now, you do not have to retype handwritten notes & blurry screenshots by hand – this tool is your problem solver.

    Who doesn’t like a free & simple tool? So give a try right now & experience the real power of image to text conversion. You might be surprised to know that it extracts text with perfection.

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