Without SEO optimization, your content has no hope of ranking highly on Google search engine results pages. You need to rank to be seen so your content can reach its target audience. 

As a website owner, SEO tools are your bread and butter, the weapon that gives you an edge over the fierce competition. 

NeuronWriter stands out for its natural language processing feature and AI-writing tool, both of which are invaluable for creating SEO content.

In this NeuronWriter review, we’ll examine all its key attributes in detail to help you decide whether it’s for you.

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NeuronWriter Review: Overview

NeuronWriter Homepage: NeuronWriter Review
NeuronWriter Homepage: NeuronWriter Review

NeuronWriter is a powerful content writing tool designed to create high-quality SEO content.

The software helps you get ahead of search engines by analyzing content quality and offering actionable SEO solutions to help you rank. NeuronWriter’s advanced features can ease the traditional content creation process for you.

Its AI-writing capabilities make it excellent for research or generating content from scratch. No matter how competitive your target keyword is, NeuronWriter has all the tools to make your blog posts and web content rank. 

How Does NeuronWriter Work?

NeuronWriter Work
NeuronWriter Work

NeuronWriter uses AI to help you work around the trickiest target keywords, making it easy to incorporate them into your content in the most natural possible way. 

To help you rank higher on Google, the software collects competitor data. It assesses their content, keywords, and links, saving you hours of work if you’d done the SERP analysis yourself. 

NeuronWriter does this through natural language processing. This technology suggests relevant keywords to help you create SEO-optimized content based on prompts. 

NeuronWriter doubles as an AI writer. It’s powered by the same generative model that has made ChatGPT a household name. In other words, if you’re a bit stumped about what to write, NeuronWriter can come to your aid. With it, you can easily generate human-like text and tweak it to your taste. 

Who Can Use NeuronWriter?

NeuronWriter Tool
NeuronWriter Tool

NeuronWriter is impressive as a content research tool. You get precise instructions on how to set up a new content project and begin a keyword query. This makes it great for keyword-focused bloggers and content marketers. 

The software also works well for copywriters, marketing agencies, and anyone who needs to optimize their content for SEO reasons.

NeuronWriter Review: Features

NeuronWriter excels as a content SEO tool, with its AI capabilities and WordPress integration features standing out. Here are some of its main features:

Competitor Analysis

NeuronWriter Analysis
NeuronWriter Analysis

While other SEO tools may outdo NeuronWriter in other aspects, few can rival NeuronWriter’s capacity for efficient content research and competitor analysis.

After entering your target keyword, within the dashboard, you’ll see a “Top Analysis” tab. This is where you can see the keyword difficulty ratings and other key competitor metrics like content score, readability score, and page authority.

For those that like a bit more detail, there’s an infographic competitor breakdown that shows all SERP competitors according to content quality, content volume, and links. 

Content Editor

NeuronWriter Editor
NeuronWriter Editor

Like many SEO content optimization tools, NeuronWriter comes with a dedicated content editor. All you have to do is enter your target keyword, and NeuronWriter does the rest. 

The NLP-powered SEO content editor recommends keywords that don’t just appear in your competitors’ content but are relevant to the context. 

This way, you can save hours brainstorming content ideas and quickly build on what NeuronWriter recommends. 

The editor displays the basic insights for your content drafts, such as character count, readability score, and headings. Best of all, you can see the average word count compared to your top competitors.  

Other options available in the content editor include:

  • A list of questions to answer
  • A list of competitor headers (H1s and H2s)
  • Paragraph keyword suggestions
  • Specific keyword suggestions for H1s and H2s

AI Writing

NeuronWriter AI Writer
NeuronWriter AI Writer

If you’re feeling short of ideas and creativity, NeuronWriter’s AI tool can help you save time and keep you from writing from scratch.

This AI writer can also help you fine-tune your content using its paraphrasing tool. Alternatively, you can expand what you’ve written. For instance, you can stretch two or three sentences into a couple of paragraphs.

Your AI-generated content can also be tweaked for high or low quality. You can also choose from one of five different content creativity levels. 

The high-quality text reads more human-like than the low-quality ones. But it’ll cost you more credits. 

WordPress Integration

NeuronWriter WordPress: NeuronWriter Review
NeuronWriter WordPress: NeuronWriter Review

A significant chunk of the websites on the internet are WordPress-based, making NeuronWriter’s WordPress integration feature a massive plus.

Now, you can optimize your content directly from your WordPress editor, similar to tools like Yoast SEO, without needing to copy-paste. All you have to do is click on the WordPress editor icon on the toolbar. 

Internal Link Recommendations

NeuronWriter Link
NeuronWriter Link

The ability of your content to rank highly on Google SERPs depends not only on the quality of the written pieces but also on the quality of the internal links structure.

If you have a big website, it can be hard to search your archive for the best articles to link internally with your new post. 

NeuronWriter suggests the best possible internal links to increase the authority of your new page. It also goes one better by recommending suitable anchor keywords to go with the links.

Content Calendar

NeuronWriter Calendar
NeuronWriter Calendar

Aside from its core content editor and SEO optimization tools, NeuronWriter has a built-in content calendar that’s excellent for you and your content management team.

With it, you can manage content projects easily. The calendar is also color-coded, meaning that a single glance will inform you about the status of your content, such as which one’s been completed and which one is pending. 

Google Search Console Integration 

NeuronWriter Rank
NeuronWriter Rank

NeuronWriter is integrated with the Google Search Console, a tool that helps website owners monitor website traffic and performance.

This integration allows you to access it directly from your NeuronWriter dashboard. As you write and optimize your content, you can quickly access site performance metrics like clicks, impressions, and click-through-rate in real-time. 


NeuronWriter Pricing
NeuronWriter Pricing

NeuronWriter offers both monthly and yearly payment options across five broad plans. The cheapest NeuronWriter plan comes at $23 monthly, with the most expensive at $117. 

Only NeuronWriter’s two most expensive plans have its complete array of features. But, all the plans come with generative AI templates, internal linking, advanced draft mode, and SERP analysis. If you aren’t sure which plan will work best for you, you can use NeuronWriter’s free trial for the necessary sampling.

Here’s an overview of the available subscription plans:

  • The Bronze Plan: Costs $23 monthly and is ideal for a website owner looking to build their Google ranking. It comes with two project folders and 25 content writer analyses. You also get 15,000 AI credits to use with NeuronWriter’s AI tool.
  • The Silver Plan: Is priced at $45 per month and comes with access to five project folders, 50 content analyses, and 30,000 AI credits. You can also share your content with other team members, although it’s on read-only access.
  • The Gold Plan: Is priced at $69 per month and offers twice as many project folders as the Silver Plan. You get 75 content writer analyses and 45 AI credits. It also has 75 plagiarism checks integrations with WordPress, Shopify, and the Google Search Console. It also has unlimited access for all team members, who can all create, edit, and view content.
  • The Platinum Plan: Costs $93 monthly and works well for any big business running websites across multiple domains. It has all the features of the gold plan, 25 projects, 60,000 AI credits, and 100 plagiarism checks. 
  • The Diamond Plan: Is priced at $117 monthly and is ideal for digital/content marketing agencies that work on several projects. It’s got space for up top 50 projects and offers 150 content analyses in addition to 75,000 AI credits and 150 plagiarism checks. As the most comprehensive plan, it’s got the most comprehensive features of the lot.


NeuronWriter Support
NeuronWriter Support

If you’re on the bronze plan, you can only expect email support. The silver and gold plans provide both email and chat support, while the latter plan tops that off with one hour of live onboarding for new users. 

The diamond and platinum plans have the complete support package.

There’s also live chat support, which isn’t as effective as you’d expect, seeing that it’s bots running affairs. Response times aren’t particularly quick, meaning that you’ll have to exercise a bit of patience if you ever run into technical issues. 

If you prefer to troubleshoot by yourself, there are several video tutorials on NeuronWriter’s website that provide some handy tips. 

Plus, there’s a rather comprehensive FAQs section with helpful articles on NeuronWriter’s many features.

Overall, NeuronWriter’s customer support is fairly good. It does leave much to be desired in the live chat department, though. 

NeuronWriter Pros and Cons

NeuronWriter Pros and Cons
NeuronWriter Pros and Cons

No one expects NeuronWriter to have zero flaws. It’s got plenty of exciting features, including some essential ones for creating high-quality content. Still, it omits some of the standout features of its competitors.

Here’s a breakdown of its main pros and cons:

Pros of NeuronWriter

  • Easy to use: NeuronWriter has a simple interface that allows users to quickly generate everything they need. It’s optimized to support your workflow, and most new users get the hang of it fairly easily.
  • Solid content editor: The tool helps writers with everything from seeing the top competitors to generating a blog outline.
  • Pre-built templates: NeuronWriter offers several AI templates to help you generate the type of text you need and reduce the likelihood of needing significant edits.

Cons of NeuronWriter

  • AI texts usually need another look: Like most AI writers, the texts aren’t always ready to publish. You may need to refine it, especially in terms of language choice.
  • Slow performance: NeuronWriter is sometimes sluggish, which could be an issue if you need to quickly generate a lot of content. This isn’t always an issue, however.


NeuronWriter excels as a content optimization tool. Content creators, SEO content writers, bloggers, and content marketing agencies have a lot to benefit from its rich array of features.

Its advanced AI, Google SERP analysis, and internal link features help it stand out. 

Still, NeuronWriter isn’t the best SEO tool out there, especially if you can only afford its cheaper plans. As the platform reserves its best features for its most pricey plans, you’ll have to consider shelling out more money to enjoy the best of what NeuronWriter offers. 


Does NeuronWriter Have AI Capabilities?

NeuronWriter has an AI tool that generates content from scratch for you, speeding up the content creation process. Its AI tool can also be used to paraphrase or expand upon existing content and is powered by GPT-3 technology.

Is NeuronWriter Expensive?

NeuronWriter is a fairly priced SEO optimization software, especially compared to competitors like Surfer SEO and MarketMuse. It also has a free trial for you to enjoy before choosing one of its five subscription plans.

It offers both monthly and annual payment options. Its $19 monthly subscription plan is reasonably affordable for individual content writers, while its $97 plan is arguably a bargain. 

What Kinds of Content Can You Use NeuronWriter For?

If you’re a blogger invested in content writing for articles and blog posts, NeuronWriter is one of the best tools out there.

NeuronWriter is limited to other kinds of marketing content. It doesn’t have a lot of AI writing templates, lacks PPC templates, and has no provisions for social media captions. 

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