WordsAtScale: NeuronWriter: Best Surfer AI Alternative?

NeuronWriter: Key insights

  • 📝 NeuronWriter’s advanced features are only accessible through the gold plan, which is currently being sold as a lifetime deal on appsumo, raising questions about the cost per article and the value it provides.
  • 💰 The NeuronWriter AI offers a cost-effective option for generating SEO-optimized articles, with a 1500-word draft costing only $1.70 compared to $29 for server SEO.

NeuronWriter: Video Summary

NeuronWriter is a cost-effective AI copywriting tool that offers similar features to Surfer AI, making it a budget-friendly alternative for generating SEO optimized content.

  • 00:00 🤖 NeuronWriter is a capable AI copywriting tool that offers a similar experience to Surfer AI at a lower price.
  • 01:43 💡 NeuronWriter is a useful tool for generating content by pre-populating titles and descriptions with keywords.
  • 02:09 💡 Use AI writing Advanced, select long form article, insert title, and let the AI generate the outline and article.
  • 02:32 🤖 NeuronWriter’s default model is GB 3.5 Turbo, which provides good output for article writing, but it lacks fact-checking; however, it offers SEO optimization and article outlining similar to server AI.
  • 03:19 🤖 NeuronWriter allows users to generate content using advanced templates and customize settings for creativity and model selection.
  • 03:47 🤔 The speaker discusses the addition of an FAQ section and the improvement in SEO score, emphasizing the potential for further improvement in SEO.
  • 04:29 💰 We spent 2564 tokens at a cost of 0.046 each, and now have 29.45 tokens remaining, although all of our content has disappeared due to not saving it.
  • 05:12 💰 Spending 390 credits on NeuronWriter’s advanced features can result in an extremely SEO optimized article for just $1.70, making it a budget-friendly alternative to server SEO.

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