Ever since ChatGPT’s release, content writing, for better or worse, hasn’t been the same. While many people have found a muse in OpenAI’s technology, an equal number view it with suspicion. If you fall into the latter camp, it’s likely you’d appreciate a way to tell AI content apart from its human-generated counterpart. 

Enter Originality AI, an AI content detector tool whose developers claim can suss out ChatGPT-written content at the push of a button. This Originality AI review aims to reveal whether the software is right for you by discussing its benefits, features, pricing model, and more. 

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What Is Originality AI?

Originality AI is an AI content detection software that lets you parse pieces of content to learn whether an artificial intelligence software program generated it, thereby ensuring you publish 100% human-written text on the web.

Unlike other AI detector tools, Originality AI combines AI detection and plagiarism checking in the same software. It also provides features for bulk checks, letting you parse an entire site to detect AI-generated content.

The tool enjoys a high accuracy rate when detecting content created by ChatGPT. As such, it’s an essential piece of tech for web publishers that want to avoid being penalized by search engines for publishing unoriginal or AI-generated content.

Who Uses Originality AI?

Originality AI Review
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The following professionals and businesses use Originality AI to ensure the content they publish has been written by a human:

  • Bloggers: Originality AI is an excellent AI content detection tool for bloggers. If you’re doing the content writing yourself, you can check for plagiarism or ensure you’re not overly reliant on machine-generated content. As a blogger who hires content writers to do the work for you, you can ensure every blog post features 100% human-generated content.
  • Educators: If you’re a lecturer who worries that their students are relying on an AI writing tool instead of turning in original work, never fear. Originality AI will detect AI-written content in an instant, letting you enforce academic integrity.
  • Students: Students that use internet resources in their academic papers may worry about unintentional plagiarism. This tool helps you catch plagiarized content before it makes it to your professor’s desk.
  • Internet Marketers/Web Publishers: Are you using AI writing software to create product descriptions? Maybe you used AI tools to generate copy for your landing pages? You can use Originality AI to see your web copy’s AI detection score to avoid getting penalized by search engines.
  • Website Buyers: If you buy and sell websites for profit, you’ll want to ensure that the site has 100% human-generated content. Originality AI lets you parse entire websites to make sure.

The above is a drop in the bucket when it comes to who can use Originality AI. In reality, almost anyone can use this AI content detection tool. 

Benefits of Using Originality AI

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Using Originality AI has its benefits. The most prominent ones you can expect to reap by using this software include:

  • High Accuracy: Originality AI lets you test originality with high accuracy, letting you confidently publish content to the web without fear of penalization.
  • Avoid Plagiarizing: The tool’s plagiarism checker ensures you avoid infringing on existing copyrights.
  • Detect at Scale: Thanks to its site scan feature, you can check for AI content on all the pages of a website simultaneously. The functionality lets you save time and is excellent if you’re managing a writing team.
  • Manage Expectations: If some AI use is okay, Originality AI’s AI score helps clients and writers manage expectations around its inclusion. Both parties can agree on a predetermined score and use it as a limiter, preventing time-wasting arguments.

When combined, all of the above benefits add up to a smooth and human-centric content creation process.

The Originality AI Team

Jon Gillham created Originality AI and launched the software in November 2022. Since then, his team has grown to include machine learning experts (engineers and researchers), software developers, and marketers. In total, the Originality AI team numbers eight professionals.

Originality AI is headquartered in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. The company is currently privately held.

Best Features of Originality AI

Originality AI has several amazing features that make it a worthy contender among AI detection tools. Let’s learn how each one helps in detecting AI-written content and plagiarism. 

AI Detection

The Originality AI team touts their software application as the most accurate AI detection tool for ChatGPT. If you’re wondering where they get the confidence, this case study showing its content detection accuracy across the various ChatGPT iterations lends credence to their claim.

Thanks to the software’s use of color highlights, it’s easy to tell AI-generated content apart from human content. Originality AI will highlight the AI-written content in red, whereas the human-written content gets a green tint. Also, the software gives the content an AI score, with a 0% AI score being excellent and a 100% score being bad.

Plagiarism Checker

Aside from being an accurate AI content detector, Originality AI also excels at plagiarism detection. This AI tool can help you check whether a body of text was ripped verbatim from another source. 

Similar to how the software behaves when it’s detecting AI content, you’ll see the offending text highlighted with color. In the case of plagiarized text, Originality AI uses a pink highlight. In addition, this AI content detector shows you a plagiarism score as well as the URLs from which AI writers copied.

Full Site Scans

One of Originality AI’s best features is the tool’s ability to perform full site scans. To use this feature, enter the URL of the site you’d like to scan, and Originality AI will get to work parsing its contents for plagiarism and AI-generated content.

It also shows information for each of the site’s individual pages, such as their originality and AI scores. You can see the date when you last checked each page, which is excellent if you want to detect AI content of a website that has undergone content refreshes.

Chrome Extension

Originality AI has a Google Chrome extension that integrates with Google Docs. Publishers who hire freelance content writers will appreciate this feature because it helps you detect AI-written content in submitted articles.

The feature’s highlights include detecting AI-written content with one click, real-time writer monitoring, and more. You can easily check whether your writers submitted ChatGPT-regurgitated content. 


This AI content detection software provides a useful content readability checker that can help you improve the human-written text. It uses color highlights to point out syllable counts, with red highlights indicating too many syllables in a sentence.

Additionally, Originality AI’s readability feature uses the Flesch-Kincaid grade level to grade your content’s readability. For example, if you wanted to write content a 5th grader could understand, but your content scores a grade 10, you’d have to prune some sentences to bring the grade level down.

Team Management

Originality AI is also excellent for team management. When you use a shared account, you can add your team members. This feature is excellent for content agencies and academic institutions that need to detect AI-written content across multiple projects.

Your team members can access their individual reporting dashboards where Originality AI shows them stats like the team’s collective checks. Meanwhile, as an administrator, you can monitor your team member’s progress by viewing the activity on their respective accounts.

Originality AI Pricing

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The Originality AI team keeps things simple when pricing their AI detector. Rather than opting for tiered price plans, they give the software a base price of $0.01 per 100 words checked.

This base plan unlocks all of the software’s features, putting plagiarism checking and AI content detection in the hands of businesses, large and small.

Pros of Using Originality AI

There are several reasons Originality AI is an awesome software, including:

It’s Straightforward and User-Friendly

This software has a straightforward user interface that’s navigable and uncluttered. It won’t take beginners long to figure out how to get the software to do what they want, making it incredibly user-friendly. You can launch the tool and make an AI check all in the space of five minutes.

Its Price is Accessible to All

Originality AI’s price model means anyone can access the software. Thanks to the team opting for a base price per word count, you can easily calculate what you need to pay depending on your project’s needs. For example, if you want to check five 1,000-word articles for AI, you’ll know you need to buy $50 worth of credits (based on the $0.01 per 100-word pricing model).

It Provides Incredible AI Detection Accuracy

This software is scarily accurate when it comes to AI checks. No matter the ChatGPT iteration used to create the content you’re checking, Originality AI will detect it. The best part of this pro is you don’t have to jump through hoops to get the software going.

It Bundles a Plagiarism Checker

I can’t stress enough how excellent it is that the Originality AI team included a plagiarism checker with their AI detection software. It can be a drag flipping between browser windows and cutting and pasting content from one application to another. Originality AI saves you that stress.

Cons of Using Originality AI

Originality AI has some flaws that you should be aware of. These cons include:

Its Free Trial Is Only Available With the Chrome Extension

You could be forgiven for thinking Originality AI doesn’t offer a free trial, as there’s no mention of it on its website. If you’re not fortunate enough to learn about its Chrome extension, you’ll miss out on trying before you buy. Hopefully, the Originality AI team will rectify this issue.

Doesn’t Support Multiple Languages

If you market to non-English speakers, you’re out of love. This software can’t handle languages other than English when doing its AI content checks. The lack of this feature is a bummer as it leaves international audiences high and dry. 

Susceptible to False Positives

As accurate as this software tends to be, it isn’t above producing false positives. You could feed it content your human writer put together, and the software will claim that some lines in the text’s body are AI-produced. While this issue doesn’t happen all the time, it can be a cause for concern when it does.

In Summary

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Originality AI is a feature-rich tool that detects AI-written content with ease. The software offers internet marketers, bloggers, and more an unbeatable means of ensuring their content is written by humans for humans.

The developers throw in a plagiarism detector that puts the icing on the cake by letting you do all your work in the same place. And it can handle bulk detection.

If you want to avoid content penalization, I couldn’t recommend a better tool to keep ChatGPT in check.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Originality AI for Free?

Yes. You can use Originality AI without paying by installing its free Chrome Extension. The extension gives you 50 credits, one of which lets you check 100 words. In total, you can check 5,000 words of content with this trial.

Can Originality AI Check Content Written in Other Languages?

No. Currently, the software’s AI is only trained on English language content. With that said, you can use its plagiarism checker to check multiple languages (in addition to English).

How Long Will My Credits Last After Purchase?

Originality AI’s checking credits last for a maximum of two years from the date of purchase. You can find the details on the software’s Terms of Service page.

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