With the recent developments in AI technologies, there has been a surge of interest in AI writing tools. Professionals from various fields are looking into AI writing tools to help them generate content, research, or help with writer’s block.

Jasper has taken hold as the benchmark AI writing tool. Still, we have seen several more affordable alternatives contending for market leadership. One of the most affordable yet ambitious alternatives is Rytr.

But can Rytr live up to its competition? Read our Rytr review to learn more about the tool’s features, pros and cons, pricing, and other factors that will help you know whether Rytr is the right choice for you.

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What Is Rytr?

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Rytr is an AI writing tool launched in April 2021, built on OpenAI/GPT-3 technology. It’s marketed as a multi-purpose, universal AI writer able to create high-quality content of all types and purposes.

As an AI writer, Rytr can generate creative content in just a few seconds at a much cheaper rate than most of its competitors. It does this through the use of natural language processing (NLP), a branch of AI technology concerned with helping computers understand and create language in the same way that humans do.

With over 6,500,000 users, Rytr is steadily taking its place among the top AI writing tools. While on the surface it doesn’t seem to offer anything special compared to the alternatives, Rytr is an excellently performing, highly affordable package deal capable of standing on its own against the strongest competitors.

Who Uses Rytr?

Rytr is most popular and commonly used among the following professionals:

  • Bloggers: Bloggers need to keep up a regular rate of publishing blog posts, so AI tools like Rytr help them get over writer’s block, come up with blog post outlines and ideas, or even help generate an entire blog post.
  • Social Media Experts: Rytr helps social media experts easily generate text for social media posts.
  • Online Marketers: This AI copywriting tool helps marketers create blog posts, social media posts, e-mail subject lines, product descriptions, and much more.
  • Content Writers: It can help content writers improve their writing workflow by generating meta descriptions, brainstorming ideas, building article outlines, or researching content.
  • Youtube Streamers: Rytr can help streamers write caption ideas and video descriptions and even help develop video ideas.

Benefits of Using Rytr

AI writing tools like Rytr offer a load of benefits to their users, whether they may be individual professionals or enterprises.

  • Faster Workflow: By helping the overall writing process and reducing writer’s block, an AI writing assistant like Rytr will help make content writing much speedier and more effortless.
  • Higher Output: By optimizing the writing workflow, Rytr also helps deliver more content within the same timeframe.
  • High-Quality Content on Demand: It can generate high-quality content near-instantly, saving businesses the potential hassle of working with human writers.
  • SEO Streamlining: It supports SEMrush integration, making it possible to combine content creation and advanced SEO tools within the same workspace.
  • It Saves Money: Rytr’s highly affordable user plans let businesses spend less money on content creation by reducing the total workload for writers.

Best Features of Rytr

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Rytr offers a well-rounded suite of content-writing tools and related features designed to help its users create and optimize content.

40+ Use Case Templates

With a growing number of over 40 premade use cases, Rytr can generate almost any type of written content. The use cases range from post and caption ideas, copywriting frameworks, and marketing e-mails all the way up to product reviews, entire blog posts, academic writing, and even story plots and song lyrics.

With a premium plan, it’s even possible for users to create their own custom use cases.

Native Support for Multiple Languages

Rytr has native support for 30+ languages. This makes it easy for marketers to expand their content reach way beyond the English-speaking world.

Apart from major languages, such as English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, or Italian, it also features full support for languages such as Farsi, Latvian, Thai, or Bulgarian, too.

20+ Tones

Rytr has a constantly growing library of over 20 tones, which helps users tailor the content to appeal to a specific target demographic. Your tone of choice can help you easily determine the effect your text will have on its audience.

Some examples of tones available in Rytr include assertive, casual, convincing, inspirational, and thoughtful.

Magic Command Tool

For custom text generation requests, you can use the Magic Command Tool.

This tool can create content that doesn’t neatly fit into any specific use case by simply giving a slightly more detailed prompt in the input field. It’s simple, fast, and takes no more than a minute or two.

Blog Idea and Outline Tool

If you’re a blogger who feels in an idea rut, Rytr’s got you covered.

A dedicated tool can help you come up with ideas for your next blog post, complete with a blog outline. All you need to do is enter the primary keyword and let AI do its magic.

Text Editing Tools

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Any AI writing tool worth its salt needs to have a robust set of editing tools to help optimize existing content and ensure content quality before publishing.

Rytr doesn’t fail any expectations here, featuring a collection of nifty text editing tools. Some of these tools include a paragraph tool, a shorten/expand tool, a rephrase tool, etc.

Extensions and Integrations

Rytr users can install a Chrome browser extension that lets them use Magic Command and editing features across all websites.

Built-in SEO capabilities are quite limited, except for a SERP Analysis tool that can be enabled from the Integrations menu. The menu also lets you enable SEMrush integration, making it possible to get enhanced keyword suggestions with Blog use cases.

Plagiarism Checker

Rytr features a built-in Copyscape plagiarism checker, which lets you run a plagiarism check on any generated content, with a limit of 1,600 characters you can check at once.

The feature comes completely free of charge, although there’s a limit of 50,000 characters which you can check for plagiarism each month.

AI Image Generation

Rytr uses a built-in DALL-E plugin to generate AI images according to the user’s prompts. This is a great way to include copyright-free images in a blog post without trudging through stock image sites, saving the user valuable time. It’s as simple as highlighting a text selection you want to use as a prompt and turning it into an AI image.

There’s a limit on the number of images you can generate each month, which increases along with the subscription tier.

Robust Project Management Features

Featuring a set of helpful project management features, Rytr’s capabilities extend way beyond that of a simple AI writing assistant. Collaborative features help make team collaboration easier, and client integrations help assign projects to appropriate clients and ease communication.

The ability to store and organize all projects in one place makes the overall workflow much smoother, especially for teams.

Rytr Pricing

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Rytr has three different plans, with the main point of difference being the number of characters you can generate per month.

Free Plan

The Free Plan includes the following features:

  • 10,000 characters per month
  • 40+ use cases
  • 30+ languages
  • 20+ tones
  • Built-in Copyscape plagiarism checker
  • Up to 5 DALL-E AI images per month
  • Access to premium community

Saver Plan

The Saver Plan includes all the features in the Free Plan, along with the following extras:

  • 100,000 characters per month
  • Up to 20 DALL-E AI images per month
  • Create your own custom use case

The Saver Plan is available at $9/month or at $90/year; the annual subscription comes with two months free.

Unlimited Plan

The Unlimited Plan includes everything in the previous two plans, along with the following:

  • Unlimited characters per month
  • Up to 100 DALL-E AI images per month
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Priority e-mail and chat support

The Unlimited Plan costs $29/month or $290/year. Just like with the Saver Plan, the annual subscription comes with two free months.

Pros of Using Rytr

There are many perks to Rytr which set it apart from the competition.


When compared to other AI copywriting tools, Rytr is easily among the most affordable ones. The Saver Plan, worth only $9/month, should be enough to cover most individual professionals. The Unlimited Plan, which lets you generate unlimited characters, costs $29/month, which should be a bargain for most businesses.

It’s not very common for AI writing assistants to have a free version, which is where Rytr breaks the mold. While being able to write 10,000 characters per month isn’t much, it doesn’t hurt to be able to test out a fully-featured AI writer for free.


Rytr offers dozens of use cases, tones, and languages to choose from when generating content. This makes the AI writing tool suitable for almost all writing purposes. All it takes is to enter your prompt in a dedicated window after setting the desired parameters.

This is especially useful for larger companies, as several teams can all rely on the same software solution instead of looking for more specialized ones.

Seamless User Interface

Most software that is as feature-packed as Rytr has an interface problem—it tends to be clunky and confusing. Rytr is a notable exception, boasting a surprisingly simple, user-friendly interface.

To use most text+generating features in Rytr, all it takes is a simple four-step process. You need to choose the language, use case, and tone of the desired content. Then, insert your prompt, which should usually be no longer than a sentence or two. Any edits to existing content are made just by right-clicking on the highlighted text.

Original Content

Rytr’s built-in Copyscape plagiarism checker makes sure that the content it has generated is 100% original and plagiarism-free. This feature is available even in the Free plan, which is where Rytr beats much of the competition.

Having plagiarism-free content is especially important for bloggers and content marketers. Not only is plagiarism a bad look, but it can even lead to unfortunate legal consequences in certain cases.

Web Integration

Rytr’s Chrome extension makes it possible to use key Rytr features on most websites, increasing Rytr’s versatility even further. The SEMrush integration tool also helps improve SEO capabilities within Rytr’s own user interface.

Most interestingly, it’s possible to remotely connect other apps to Rytr’s API. This lets other apps make use of Rytr’s content generation capabilities. It’s highly useful for team management, as well as just streamlining all writing work within a single workspace.

Cons of Using Rytr

While Rytr has multiple convenient advantages, it’s not completely free of drawbacks.

Bad at Writing Long-Form Content

Despite its overall versatility, Rytr has serious flaws when it comes to long-form content creation. While it’s possible to write long-form content, such as entire blog posts, by using the Magic Command feature, preset use cases only let you write blog sections one by one.

When Rytr is instructed to write long-form articles, there’s a notable decline in content quality. The articles tend to suffer from a weak structure and lack of cohesion.

In most cases, you should stick to short-form content when using Rytr or separate content into neat sections.

Repetitive, Awkward Writing

While the text output will stay on topic, grammatically correct, and logically sensible, the style and substance will leave a lot to be desired. Much of the Rytr AI-generated content sounds unnatural and repetitive, requiring a good dose of human editing to turn it into a publishable form.

On the other hand, the inconsistent quality of Rytr’s content writing means that its output will sometimes turn out surprisingly fluent, reducing the need for editing.

Lack of Accuracy

A lack of accuracy is a problem that every AI writer struggles with, and Rytr is no exception. When the AI is instructed to create content, it will sometimes come up with inaccurate, incorrect, and plainly made-up information.

This is especially critical when writing longer forms, such as a whole blog post, or when using overly general prompts. Either way, it’s always necessary to carefully fact-check any Rytr-written content before publishing.

No Built-in Translation Tool

Even though Rytr can generate content in over 30 different languages, direct machine translation is beyond its capabilities. Your content will always be exported in the language you choose to generate it in.

To translate content generated in Rytr, you will need to use a third-party translation tool or use API integration to connect it with a translator app.

In Summary

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Rytr has managed to prove itself as a solid solution offering tons of versatile options both for teams and individuals. Apart from its versatility, the main selling points are its accessibility and affordable user plans. The fully functional free version is especially worth mentioning.

It’s when it comes to writing finesse that Rytr stops shining. Much Rytr-generated content comes out feeling awkward and unnatural, making it impossible to avoid a solid degree of human intervention.

Rytr’s flaws become especially obvious when instructed to create long-form content. The AI struggles with writing complete articles and instantly generating an entire blog post, facing problems with structure and cohesion.

Overall, Rytr is most suited to professionals working in marketing or social media to help generate content such as product descriptions, video and image captions, social media ads, and other short-form content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jasper or Rytr Better?

Both tools have their pros and cons, which make each of them a better option for certain use cases.

Rytr presents a more affordable but also more balanced, feature-complete package that is better for general purposes and short-form content.

Meanwhile, Jasper has a more robust editor, better SEO capabilities, and a writing algorithm better suited for long-form content.

Can Rytr Rewrite Content?

Yes, you can use Rytr’s text editing features to automatically edit and rewrite content.

  • The Improve Content feature simplifies and corrects writing.
  • The Expand/Shorten Content features add or remove words to make a text longer or shorter.
  • The Reword feature completely rewrites your content to make it fit the desired tone.

Does Rytr Have a Mobile App?

No, Rytr doesn’t have a dedicated app for any mobile platform, nor a dedicated desktop app. Rytr is web-only, with the Chrome browser extension as the only official downloadable tool.

Nevertheless, Rytr’s web app is 100% mobile-optimized, making it possible to use it on your mobile browser in full sync with your desktop with no issues or hang-ups.

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