Concise long documents quickly Concise long documents quickly

The process of summarization is generally defined as shortening the length of a text without changing its original meaning or tone.

Summarization is necessary to keep things concise and interesting. It allows a smooth delivery of points to the reader, which is otherwise lost in “fluff” writing.

Manually making a text short is a tiring process. However, with the advancements in technology, AI tools have become much quicker and more dependable for the job. Thus, tools like AI summarizers are an immense help to a wide range of users.

This post will discuss one of such summarizers,, and how it can help you to make long documents short.

So, let’s get it to it, shall we?

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Shortening Lengthy Texts with

This section will cover the whole procedure of using the tool.

General Information

The tool is often indexed at the top of the search pages because of its high credibility and performance. We gave it a try and decided to share our demonstration on making long documents concise using

AI Summarizer
AI Summarizer

The AI summary generator can either take input files from the local device, or you can paste in the intended text.

Working Explained

After you are done uploading the document, proceed to click on the black “Summarize” button. This is the result that you would get for a sample text we picked.

AI Summarizer before & after
AI Summarizer before & after

As you can see, there’s a slider on top, which can adjust the length of the summary according to your preference. However, for our demonstration, we didn’t tinker with this setting and left it to the default position.

Next, shift the tab from “Summary” to “Show bullets” (see the red arrow) and this is what you’ll see:

AI Summarizer show bullets or main points
AI Summarizer show bullets or main points
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The bullets represent the main points that exist in the text. The points are arranged chronologically, showing a logical development of thoughts as the text proceeds.

Finally, check out the “Best-line” feature, here’s the picture of our demonstrated example:

AI Summarizer show "best line"
AI Summarizer show “best line”

This feature is extremely helpful as it allows you to convey the same thought in the least possible words. The tool is so powerful that it reduces thousands of words to a few lines. From wordy, to smarty!


The tool is very helpful in a variety of cases. Let’s see some examples to understand its advantages.


  • Copywriting: You can utilize the ‘best-line’ feature to convey maximum impact with the least words.
  • Precise writing: You can use ‘bullets’ to implement the key points of a text in your assignment.
  • Business writing: You can employ the ‘summary’ feature to help you with an executive summary.

    Benefits of Summarization

    There are many known benefits of summarization, below we have discussed some of them.

    Helps In Understanding Hard Texts

    By summarizing, you can easily understand the hard concepts in a text. This is especially true for Academics where difficult jargon is very common. Hence, you can keep on learning new knowledge without having any hiccups.

    Tones Up The Delivery Of The Document

    Summarization can make things concise for your readers helping them understand what you truly mean.

    Plus, conciseness makes the delivery of the document much better, allowing you to connect well with the audience.

    Improves The Overall Content Appeal

    Short, impactful content gives – off very positive vibes. The audience can sense your linguistic prowess and they’ll naturally get more inclined to read your content.

    Additionally, to-the-point content appeals to the masses as it requires less time to read, perfect for the fast-paced world.

    Final Words

    In this post, we saw how can be used as a quick fix to make long documents short. First, we understood the working mechanism of the tool. Then, we saw the benefits of summarization and finally, the motivation behind the process.

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