Nathan Gotch: My Issue with Surfer AI (Unbiased Review)

Surfer AI Key insights

  • 🌐 SEO is more than just ranking, especially for businesses that actually sell products or services.
  • 💰 The purpose of ranking in SEO is not just for fun, but to actually make more money by converting traffic into customers and paying clients.
  • 📈 Google tracks user interactions with a page, including dwell time and pogo sticking, and if users quickly click off due to boring content, it can negatively impact rankings and user experience.
  • 🏰 Investing in differentiated content angles helps build a moat and leads to longer-lasting rankings, as it attracts more links due to its uniqueness.
  • 💨 Surfer AI is incredibly fast, generating content within 15-20 minutes without much effort, making it a valuable tool for saving time in content creation.
  • 🤔 It is important to use content creators who are native speakers of the language they are creating content in, to ensure the best quality and understanding.
  • 💰 Using AI tools like Surfer AI can be more profitable than hiring writers, as it eliminates the need to pay high fees for articles and allows businesses to create decent content even without SEO expertise.
  • 💡 Surfer AI provides a solid base of content that can be easily edited and customized, saving time and effort in the writing process.
  • 💡 Surfer AI eliminates excuses for not creating decent content on websites, as it is affordable and accessible to all.

Surfer AI Video Summary

Surfer AI is a useful tool for generating content, but it has limitations and should be used alongside other strategies and personal judgment for optimal results.

  • 00:00 🤔 Surfer AI may not be a good tool for creating content as it encourages plagiarism, mediocrity, and fails to differentiate from top search results, while engaging and trustworthy content is crucial for rankings and conversions.
    • The video discusses whether it is a good idea to use Surfer’s new AI SEO tool for creating content for Google, showing both the good and bad aspects and providing real-life examples.
    • Surfer AI is essentially plagiarism as it takes information from the first page of Google without citing sources, and it also encourages mediocrity.
    • When targeting competitive keywords, it is important to differentiate oneself from the top 10 results and strive for exceptional content, as SEO is more than just ranking and should focus on businesses that sell products.
    • Ranking is important for businesses to generate traffic and convert it into customers, so it is crucial for content to engage and build trust with users in order to achieve desired outcomes.
    • Creating content that is boring and doesn’t engage users can negatively impact rankings and user experience, as Google tracks user interactions and if they quickly click off the page, it can lead to pogo sticking and difficulty in retaining users.
    • We need users to engage with our website and take actions such as signing up for our newsletter, making a purchase, or submitting a contact form in order to increase conversions.
  • 05:32 🤔 Surfer AI struggles with generating effective content for engagement and rankings, especially for low competition keywords, and it is important to analyze competitors and create unique content for better results.
    • AI content generated by Surfer AI is not effective for generating consumption and engagement, which is crucial for maintaining rankings.
    • Creating AI content can help with the awareness stage, but to build trust and get people to take action, such as making a purchase, requires a different level of content that AI cannot create.
    • Surfer AI struggles with low competition keywords and assumes competitors are doing well, resulting in pulling irrelevant or less relevant information from the first page.
    • It is important to be cautious when using Surfer AI to create content based on low competition keywords, as the existing pages ranking for those keywords are often of low quality and simply modeling average or below average content may not be effective.
    • An important step in content creation is to analyze competitors both quantitatively and qualitatively to determine if it is necessary to copy them or come up with a unique angle.
    • Zero differentiation in content leads to lower organic CTR and linkability, while differentiation helps build a longer-lasting ranking and attracts more links.
  • 11:08 🤔 Surfer AI struggles with generating certain types of content and lacks the ability to determine firsthand experience, but it is still highly recommended for its speed and profitability in generating content, making it a superior choice for SEO businesses compared to content Mills or outsourcing to non-native English speakers.
    • Surfer AI struggles with generating product reviews and list posts, as it simply scrapes information from Yelp or TripAdvisor to create generic lists.
    • Surfer AI struggles with keywords that require firsthand experience and intelligent thinking, making it difficult to handle investigative, transactional, and comparison intent.
    • Google can determine if you have actually experienced a product based on visual proof such as images and videos, which Surfer AI lacks.
    • Surfer AI is highly recommended for its speed and profitability in generating content, making it a superior choice compared to content Mills for SEO businesses.
    • Using Surfer AI for content creation is beneficial because it produces superior content compared to outsourcing to non-native English speakers, as it is important to use native speakers for content creation in their respective languages.
    • Using Surfer AI is more profitable than hiring writers, as it allows businesses and individuals to create decent content easily and improve the overall quality of online content.
  • 17:14 📝 Surfer AI is a useful tool for generating unique and relevant content, especially for those who struggle with writing, and it offers cheap and high-quality content that can be continuously improved upon.
    • Surfer AI provides a solid base of content that can be easily edited and improved upon, making it a useful tool for generating unique and relevant content.
    • Surfer AI is beneficial for people who struggle with writing, such as plumbers, as it provides a cost-effective solution for generating decent content on their websites.
    • Anyone can use Surfer AI to create high-quality content that ranks well in English-speaking countries, regardless of their language skills or nationality.
    • Surfer AI is superior to content mills, as it offers cheap and high-quality content, making it ideal for churn and burn strategies, generating peer traffic, and building a solid base.
    • Create a minimum viable content using Surfer AI, get it indexed on Google, and continuously improve and upgrade it based on feedback and performance.
    • Surfer AI is a tool that offers discounted packages and the speaker is an affiliate who receives a commission when people buy through their link.
  • 23:05 📝 The content editor in Surfer AI has two tabs, one for writing yourself and one for writing with AI, and while the AI-generated content is impressive, it still needs improvement and struggles with long paragraph introductions.
    • The content editor in Surfer AI now has two tabs, one for writing yourself and one for writing with AI, and the speaker provides examples of when the tool is useful and when human input is still necessary.
    • The AI-generated content from Surfer is impressive and surpasses the speaker’s previous content, but it still requires improvement and struggles with long paragraph introductions.
    • The speaker emphasizes the importance of concise and engaging introductions in content creation, highlighting the need to keep the audience interested and avoid providing immediate answers.
    • The content in this part is decent and slightly above average, which is better than what most people are doing.
  • 26:48 👎 Surfer AI provides outdated and vague information on optimizing website content, crafting engaging content, using Google ads, and building links and relationships, and lacks specificity; it should include specific elements like case studies and images, prioritize the overall experience, and not rely solely on automated content generation for long-term results.
    • The issue with Surfer AI is that it often provides outdated information and lacks specificity in its analysis.
    • The speaker criticizes Surfer AI for providing vague and unhelpful information on optimizing website content, crafting engaging content, using Google ads, and building links and relationships.
    • The speaker suggests adding specific elements, such as case studies and images, to make the content more unique and personalized, and emphasizes the importance of not just the words, but also the overall experience.
    • The speaker discusses the importance of adding relevant and unique images to content and mentions that Surfer AI saves time by automatically optimizing with NLP, but also points out that it doesn’t perform well in certain areas.
    • The frequently asked questions in Surfer AI are not relevant to the topic of SEO for veterinarians, such as whether veterinarians use coding or what program they use.
    • Automated content generation should not be used without thorough editing and injection of uniqueness and personality, especially for long-term results.
  • 32:15 🤔 Restructuring content and prioritizing top barbecue places in St Louis improves user satisfaction, while Surfer AI’s incorrect information and lack of uniqueness highlight the importance of fact-checking and injecting personal experience into content.
    • Restructuring the content to prioritize the top 10 barbecue places in St Louis and placing historical information at the bottom improves user satisfaction and performance.
    • Surfer AI pulls incorrect information from the first page of a website, leading to the spread of misinformation and loss of trust in content if not fact-checked.
    • Pure auto-generated content lacks first-hand experience and uniqueness, and it is important to inject levels of experience and uniqueness into the content.
    • The video discusses the comprehensive and deep information provided by the AI on the topic of experience.
    • Surfer AI generated low-quality content that was inferior to the speaker’s own original content, highlighting the importance of creating unique and differentiated content.
    • The speaker emphasizes the importance of engaging content by using concise and question-based writing to build trust and interest in the audience.
  • 38:47 🔍 Surfer AI has limitations in pulling content from the speaker’s mind and dealing with low content availability, but it can still save time and be valuable for SEO if used alongside extensive research, personal judgment, and additional strategies.
    • Surfer AI’s inability to pull content from the speaker’s own mind and the potential for bounce rates make manual content creation a better option than relying on AI.
    • The importance of adding unique and personalized content is emphasized as it can make a significant difference in ranking and engaging readers.
    • Creating content with Surfer AI can save a significant amount of time compared to traditional methods, but it still requires a substantial time investment, which the speaker believes is worth it for important topics in their industry.
    • Surfer AI struggles with keywords that have low content availability, leading to inaccurate information and a negative user experience.
    • Blindly trusting Surfer AI can lead to inaccurate information, so it is important to extensively research keywords, understand intent, differentiate content, and sometimes rely on personal judgment rather than solely relying on the AI.
    • Surfer AI is a valuable tool for improving SEO, but it is important to go beyond its marketing claims and instead focus on studying, finding angles, injecting uniqueness, promoting through link building, and utilizing social and trust signals to increase traffic.

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