All professionals and companies in the digital world understand the significant role LinkedIn plays in networking, lead generation, and personal branding. With the emergence of various automation tools, Taplio and SocialPilot have become prominent names for those looking to enhance their LinkedIn engagement.

Taplio specializes in LinkedIn, offering features for personalized content creation and profile management, while SocialPilot caters to a broader range of social media platforms, including LinkedIn.

In this Taplio vs SocialPilot comparison, I’ll share insights into both tools, reflecting on my experiences to help you identify which might be the best fit for your LinkedIn automation and content strategy!

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Taplio vs SocialPilot: A Summarized Version

Here’s a summarized version of my comparison to help you understand the general difference between the two tools!

Ease of UseIntuitive interface
AI-powered features for content generation
Tailored prompts and shortcuts throughout the app 
User-friendly for all skill levels
A comprehensive visual content calendar
Bulk scheduling 
LinkedIn-specific FeaturesAI-generated carousel posts and relationship-building tools
Engages with influential LinkedIn figures and their followers to increase user visibility
Helps manage comments and engagement
Allows customization of posts for various formats on Linked
InIncludes LinkedIn analytics
Supports LinkedIn content management
Automation CapabilitesStreamlines interactions with LinkedIn connections 
Automates comment management
Encourages relationship-building
Provides automation across multiple social networks
Features bulk scheduling and the ability to store and reuse evergreen content
Automates report generation
Analytics and ReportingTracks key metrics like impressions and engagement on LinkedIn posts
Maintains individual post-performance records for in-depth analysis
Personal analytics dashboard integrated within the platform
Delivers advanced analytics for multiple social media platforms, including LinkedIn
Allows for the combination of multiple analytics reports into a single, white-labeled PDF
Enables scheduling of automatic reports
Content ManagementContent suggestions and post generators
Specializes in LinkedIn carousels
Focused on LinkedIn content management and enhancing user-post interactions
Schedules and publishes posts across all major social networks
Houses a content library for storing frequently used content and hashtags
Aids in swift content generation with AI support
PricingOffers tiered plans (Starter, Standard, Pro) with LinkedIn-specific feature sets
30-day money-back guarantee for all pricing plans
Provides a range of plans (Professional, Small Team, Agency, Agency+) to suit various user sizes and needs
Free trial to test the platform’s features without a credit card requirement

Taplio vs SocialPilot: The Ultimate Comparison

Here’s an in-depth comparison of Taplio and SocialPilot based on my personal experience. It’ll help guide you in selecting the perfect partner for your LinkedIn strategy!

Ease of Use

Ease of use is a decisive factor when selecting a LinkedIn automation tool; let’s examine the user-friendliness of Taplio vs SocialPilot for professionals of all skill levels.


Taplio vs SocialPilot review
Taplio leverages AI for LinkedIn content generation

Taplio is designed with a focus on user experience, specifically for those looking to streamline their LinkedIn activity. The platform’s interface is intuitive, making it simple to navigate through its various features.

One of Taplio’s standout ease-of-use features is its AI-generated content suggestions, which provide you with daily, personalized post ideas for your LinkedIn profile.

The on-demand post generator and the ChatAssist feature further enhance the user experience by offering assistance in real-time, whether it’s about refining existing content or generating new posts. Additionally, the AI shortcuts and ready-to-use prompts integrated throughout the app are time-savers for users at all levels of expertise.


SocialPilot enables you to manage your social pages from one dashboard
SocialPilot enables you to manage your social pages from one dashboard

As a social media management platform, SocialPilot prides itself on its easy-to-use interface that requires little to no learning curve, allowing teams to quickly onboard and collaborate.

Its streamlined dashboard and straightforward scheduling process make managing LinkedIn posts and campaigns a hassle-free experience. The visual content calendar is a highlight, providing a comprehensive view of all scheduled content across various platforms.

SocialPilot’s multi-network support means users can easily customize and publish content on the LinkedIn network and other social platforms. The bulk scheduling feature, which allows scheduling up to 500 posts at once, is a major advantage for users managing content across multiple accounts.

LinkedIn-specific Features

LinkedIN Account reviews & stats
LinkedIN Account reviews & stats

Delving into LinkedIn-specific features helps distinguish which automation tool, Taplio or SocialPilot, aligns best with the platform’s unique networking and content-sharing environment.


Taplio shines with its LinkedIn-centric toolkit designed to maximize user engagement on the platform. It not only aids in content creation but also in engagement with influential figures within your niche.

Its features are highly specialized; for instance, Taplio provides the ability to generate LinkedIn-specific carousel posts, which are known to perform well in terms of user engagement. The platform also offers the ability to transform YouTube videos and articles into interactive LinkedIn carousels.

Another powerful feature is Taplio’s Relationship Builder, which helps users create lists based on various criteria, comment on influential posts, and leverage other users’ audiences on LinkedIn.


SocialPilot facilitates the customization of posts for LinkedIn, ensuring that content is platform-appropriate, whether it’s a LinkedIn article, update, image post, or even a video.

SocialPilot’s advanced analytics tools provide insights into LinkedIn performance metrics, allowing users to track the effectiveness of their content strategy on LinkedIn alongside other social networks.

The collaborative features within SocialPilot are also applicable to LinkedIn content, including client approvals and team member coordination, which are crucial for agencies and businesses managing LinkedIn pages for multiple clients.

Automation Capabilities

Automation is at the heart of maximizing efficiency on social platforms. Both Taplio and SocialPilot offer features that automate various tasks, but they differ in their focus and extent of automation.


Taplio is heavily invested in automating LinkedIn tasks to ensure users can grow their presence on the platform with minimal manual intervention. Its engagement module is noteworthy, allowing users to automate interactions with key influencers and their posts.

One of Taplio’s standout automation features is its ability to help users manage comments on their posts. It also streamlines the process of responding to comments, ensuring that users can acknowledge their audience quickly and effectively.


SocialPilot offers a robust suite of automation tools that extend beyond LinkedIn and cater to a variety of social media platforms.

Its scheduling and publishing features are particularly strong, allowing users to easily plan and publish content across all major social networks. The bulk scheduling option is a time-saver for users who manage content at scale, enabling them to schedule up to 500 posts in one go.

SocialPilot also automates social media analytics by providing the ability to schedule automatic reports, which can be customized and sent directly to clients or team members. These reports can be branded and compiled from various profiles and networks, offering a comprehensive view of social media performance.

While Taplio provides more LinkedIn-specific automation features, SocialPilot’s automation capabilities are broader and can serve users managing multiple social networks alongside LinkedIn.

Analytics and Reporting

LinkedIn analytics metrics for measuring post performance
LinkedIn analytics metrics for measuring post performance

When comparing Taplio vs SocialPilot, both platforms offer analytics features, but their approaches cater to different user preferences.


Taplio’s analytics dashboard is tailored to LinkedIn, providing users with a clear view of the key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter most on the platform.

Users can track followers, impressions, profile views, likes, and comments—all without leaving Taplio’s interface. This level of integration with LinkedIn means that you can quickly gauge the performance of your content and adjust your LinkedIn strategy accordingly.

For those who are detail-oriented, Taplio maintains a record of individual post performances, allowing users to discern which types of content resonate the most with their audience.


For LinkedIn specifically, SocialPilot offers detailed metrics that can help users understand how their content is performing both at the page and post levels.

One of the highlights of SocialPilot’s reporting tool is the ability to compile and combine analytics reports from different profiles and networks into a single, comprehensive PDF. This is complemented by its white-label reports that can be customized with a brand’s look and feel.

Additionally, SocialPilot enables users to schedule automatic reports, ensuring that teams or clients are consistently informed about their social media performance.

Content Management

Effective content management is a cornerstone of social media strategy. Both Taplio and SocialPilot offer tools to help users create, manage, and optimize their content for better engagement and reach on LinkedIn and other platforms.


Taplio converts existing content into LinkedIn carousels
Taplio converts existing content into LinkedIn carousels

Taplio truly understands the content needs of LinkedIn users. It offers an AI-powered content generation feature that delivers daily, custom-tailored posts.

This AI takes into account the user’s profile and areas of expertise to create relevant and high-performing posts from scratch. Additionally, Taplio’s on-demand post generator is available around the clock for any last-minute content needs.

For those looking to capitalize on visual content, Taplio’s AI can also generate LinkedIn carousel posts, which can significantly boost engagement. Users have the option to personalize these carousels with their own assets and choose from a variety of templates and colors.


SocialPilot allows for easy customization of posts to fit the unique format of each platform, whether it’s a tweet or a LinkedIn article. The visual content calendar is an excellent feature that offers a bird’s-eye view of all scheduled social media content.

The content library within SocialPilot is an invaluable resource for storing evergreen content and frequently used hashtags for easy reuse.

Generally, users who focus primarily on LinkedIn may prefer Taplio for its platform-specific tools, whereas those seeking a broad content management system may find SocialPilot’s offerings more suitable.


The cost of social media management tools is a key consideration for any individual or organization. Let’s compare the pricing models of Taplio vs SocialPilot to understand which platform may offer more value for your investment.


Taplio pricing page
Taplio pricing page

Taplio provides straightforward pricing plans that cater to different levels of LinkedIn users. Here’s a brief overview of them:

  • Starter: At $49 per month, the Starter plan offers access to over 4 million viral posts, advanced content scheduling features, and a personal analytics dashboard, among other basic features. This plan is designed for those getting started on LinkedIn.
  • Standard: Priced at $79 per month, the Standard plan includes all the Starter features plus AI-powered content creation, Relationship Builder, and Team Features. It’s tailored for users looking to scale their LinkedIn presence with the power of AI.
  • Pro: At $149 per month, the Pro plan is aimed at top LinkedIn creators. It includes everything in the Standard plan, plus access to an enriched lead database, higher limits on relationship-building features, and expanded AI-generation capabilities. This plan is suitable for heavy users who need to generate significant impressions and engagement.

    Each of Taplio’s plans comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing users to test the features risk-free.


    SocialPilot pricing page
    SocialPilot pricing page

    SocialPilot’s pricing is set up to accommodate the needs of teams and agencies of different sizes, with the option to bill monthly or annually.

    • Professional: For $30 a month, this plan supports ten social media accounts and is designed for single users. It’s an entry-level option perfect for professionals looking to manage their social presence.
    • Small Team: Priced at $50 per month, the Small Team plan caters to small teams with 20 social media accounts and three users. It includes a content library for easy access to frequently used content and hashtags.
    • Agency: At $100 per month, the Agency plan allows up to 6 users to manage 30 social media accounts and features client approval and a content library, making it a popular choice for growing agencies.
    • Agency+: The top-tier plan costing $200 per month provides unlimited team members and clients the ability to manage 50 social media accounts. It includes white-label capabilities and advanced client management features.

      SocialPilot also offers a free trial with no credit card required, allowing prospective users to experience the platform’s capabilities firsthand.

      In comparing both platforms, SocialPilot’s plans are more affordable, but Taplio’s plans are more geared toward LinkedIn users with different tiers based on feature sets and usage.

      To Wrap Up

      Choosing between Taplio vs SocialPilot ultimately comes down to your specific needs and how you intend to leverage LinkedIn for your professional or business goals.

      Taplio, with its strong LinkedIn-centric approach, offers a suite of features that cater specifically to enhancing your presence on this platform. Its AI-driven content creation tools, engagement modules, and LinkedIn analytics make it a powerful ally for those whose primary focus is LinkedIn.

      On the other hand, SocialPilot’s broad spectrum of features supports a more diverse social media strategy that includes but isn’t limited to LinkedIn. Its easy-to-use interface, robust scheduling tools, and cross-platform analytics make it an excellent choice for managing a comprehensive online presence across multiple social networks.

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