Choosing the right task management tool can be a game changer in achieving efficiency and productivity. It can be the difference between chaos and order, stress and calm. 

But with so many available tools, how do you choose the right one to cater to your specific needs? 

In this review, we’re pitting two popular task management tools against each other: Taskade vs. Todoist. We dive deep into their features, pricing, and user experiences to help you make an informed decision. 

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Taskade vs. Todoist: At a Glance

Ease of UseIntuitive interface, easy navigationSimple, straightforward use
IntegrationIntegrates with Google Drive and CalendarOffers various app integrations
AI ToolIncludes AI functionalitiesLacks AI tools
PricingFree, Starter ($4/mo), Plus ($8/mo), Pro ($19/mo), Business ($8/user/mo), Ultimate ($16/user/mo). All prices are billed annuallyFree, Pro ($4/mo), Business ($6/user/mo). All prices are billed annually
User FriendlyUser-friendly, great for collaborationUser-friendly, excellent cross-device accessibility

Our Process: How We Created This Review

To ensure objectivity and accuracy in this review, we put Taskade and Todoist to the test. We employed a hands-on approach, using both tools extensively and noting their strengths and weaknesses in different scenarios and environments. 

Our team of experts tested features, assessed user experience, evaluated pricing structures, inspected integrations, and measured their effectiveness in real use cases. 

We are confident that this rigorous and comprehensive assessment process will help you decide between Taskade and Todoist. 

Check out our findings below.

Taskade: Overview

Taskade homepage: taskade vs. todoist
Taskade platform

If you’re seeking a tool that can boost your productivity while simplifying your workflow, Taskade might be the answer. 

This task management tool transforms your to-do lists into actionable plans. With several features ranging from collaborative task lists to mind maps, Taskade aims to foster a seamless work experience. 

It’s ideal for teams looking for a platform to accommodate multiple projects while fostering real-time collaboration. 

Taskade: Pros & Cons

✅️ User-friendly Interface🚫 Limited Offline Functionality
✅️ Collaboration Features🚫 Confusing Pricing Strategy
✅️ Versatile Templates
✅️ Integration Options


  • User-friendly Interface: Taskade offers an intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and manage tasks.
  • Collaboration Features: Taskade stands out with its tools designed for seamless collaboration, including real-time editing and video chats.
  • Versatile Templates: Taskade comes with customizable templates, providing a quick start for different projects.
  • Integration Options: Taskade integrates well with tools like Google Drive and Calendar, enabling a more consolidated workspace.


  • Limited Offline Functionality: One of the drawbacks of Taskade is its limited offline functionality.
  • Confusing Pricing Strategy: Taskade’s various pricing options can confuse new users. 

Key Features and Benefits of Taskade

Key Features and Benefits of Taskade- taskade vs todoist
Taskade platform
  • Collaborative Task Lists: Taskade shines in this aspect, allowing teams to work together on tasks in real-time. This feature benefits teams working remotely, as it fosters seamless collaboration.
  • Mind Maps: Taskade offers a mind maps feature that helps visualize tasks and ideas, enhancing your team’s ability to brainstorm and organize thoughts.
  • Video Chats: Integrated video chat capabilities allow you to communicate with team members directly within the app, creating a more connected workspace.
  • Customizable Templates: You can quickly kickstart your projects with various templates available. These templates can be tailored to suit your specific needs. 


taskade pricing
Taskade pricing

Taskade structures its pricing in a tiered manner, catering to various users with different needs. At the most basic level, Taskade offers a free plan that provides access to a substantial range of features suitable for individual users or small teams.

For users and teams requiring more comprehensive features, Taskade offers several paid plans:

  • The Starter plan costs $4 per month when billed annually.
  • The Plus plan is available at $8 per month when billed annually.
  • The Pro plan, offering even more features, is $19 monthly, billed annually.
  • The Business plan costs $8 per user per month when billed annually.
  • The most comprehensive plan, the Ultimate plan, is priced at $16 per user per month, billed annually.

These plans offer a variety of features, from unlimited tasks and projects to priority support, varying based on the chosen plan. 

Taskade: Use Cases

  • Brainstorming Sessions: The mind maps feature in Taskade supports creative brainstorming sessions, enabling teams to visualize and develop ideas in a collaborative environment.
  • Daily Stand-ups: Taskade’s real-time editing of task lists is perfect for daily stand-ups in a remote setup, helping teams stay updated about each other’s tasks and progress.
  • Project Management: Planning and executing projects becomes easier with Taskade’s integrations and customizable templates, enhancing team productivity.
  • Content Planning: Taskade’s calendar integration helps manage a content calendar effectively, streamlining content planning and scheduling. 

Todoist: Overview

todoist homepage
todoist homepage

Todoist seamlessly blends simplicity with powerful features. It has earned accolades for its user-friendly interface and exceptional cross-device accessibility. 

Ideal for individuals and teams alike, Todoist excels in helping users manage and organize tasks ranging from daily chores to complex projects. With an intuitive natural language input system and smart date recognition capabilities, Todoist aims to make task management effortless. 

Todoist: Pros & Cons

✅️ Ease of Use🚫 Limitations in Assigning Tasks
✅️ Cross-Device Accessibility🚫 Lacking Some Features
✅️ Natural Language Input
✅️ Integration Capabilities


  • Ease of Use: Todoist makes task management simple for users with different levels of tech-savviness.
  • Cross-Device Accessibility: Todoist allows you to seamlessly access your tasks from various devices, making it a convenient tool for people on the go.
  • Natural Language Input: The tool’s understanding of natural language inputs and smart date recognition save time and simplify setting tasks and deadlines.
  • Integration Capabilities: Todoist offers excellent integration with other apps, enhancing its usability and making it a unified platform for managing work.


  • Limitations in Assigning Tasks: Some users have reported a slightly fidgety experience when assigning tasks to others with a set date.
  • Lacking Some Features: Todoist could improve by offering more features such as a voice typing option, advanced filtering, and better offline functionality.

Key Features and Benefits of Todoist

Key Features and Benefits of Todoist
Key Features and Benefits of Todoist
  • Natural Language Input: Todoist’s ability to comprehend natural language inputs enables users to add tasks quickly and efficiently. This unique feature minimizes the time spent setting up tasks.
  • Cross-Platform Synchronization: With Todoist, you can access your tasks from various devices, ensuring you never skip a beat, no matter where you are.
  • Collaboration Tools: The shared project function in Todoist makes it an excellent tool for team efforts, promoting collaborative task management.
  • Priority and Project Features: These features allow users to effortlessly sort, filter, and structure their to-do lists, making it an ideal tool for managing complex projects.


todoist pricing
todoist pricing

Todoist offers a tiered pricing model, which includes a free version and two paid plans: ‘Pro’ and ‘Business.’ 

The Free plan offers basic task management features, allowing up to five people per project.

Should you need more advanced features, you can opt for:

  • The Pro plan. Priced at $4 per month, the Pro plan includes reminders, comments and file uploads, labels and filters, and productivity trends when billed annually.
  • For teams and businesses, Todoist offers a Business plan. At $6 per user per month, billed annually, this plan offers team inbox, team billing, priority support, and all the Pro plan features.

Todoist: Use Cases

  • Personal Task Management: Todoist is great for managing personal tasks. The ease of use and natural language input make managing daily tasks and to-dos simple.
  • Team Collaboration: The shared project functionality in Todoist is effective for team collaboration, allowing members to assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor progress.
  • Project Management: The priority and project features enable effective sorting and structuring, making Todoist a useful tool for managing complex, multi-step projects.
  • Cross-Platform Task Management: With excellent cross-platform synchronization, Todoist allows users to manage tasks across different devices, making it ideal for people constantly moving.

Taskade vs. Todoist: Detailed Comparison


Taskade comes with a host of features designed for collaboration, such as real-time editing, video chats, and mind maps. These features make it a robust tool for teams working in a collaborative environment.

On the other hand, Todoist’s strength lies in its simplicity, ease of use, and powerful features like natural language input and excellent cross-platform synchronization. It’s a tool that effectively delivers the essentials of task management, making it great for individuals and teams.


Regarding pricing, both Taskade and Todoist offer free plans and a range of paid options, allowing flexibility for teams and individuals with varying needs and budgets.

Taskade’s paid plans range from $4/month for the Starter plan to $16/user/month for the Ultimate plan when billed annually. Todoist, however, provides a Pro plan at $4/month and a Business plan at $6/user/month, both billed annually. The tool offers more advanced features with its paid plans, which are still reasonably priced, making it a cost-effective tool.

While both Taskade and Todoist present competitive pricing options, Todoist plan is less complicated and budget-friendly. 

User Experience

Taskade’s user-friendly interface makes navigating and managing tasks an intuitive process. Its visually appealing design and smooth functionality result in an enjoyable user experience that can boost productivity.

Todoist, on the other hand, is straightforward, making it easy even for beginners to get on board. It eliminates the potential for confusion with a clean interface and a focus on ease of use. Its natural language input feature makes task entry quick and efficient, enhancing the user experience.

Customer Support

Taskade provides customer support through various channels, including email, live chat, and a comprehensive Help Center. They strive to address concerns promptly, ensuring minimal disruption to users’ work.

Todoist, on the other hand, provides support primarily through a detailed Help Center and email. While live chat support isn’t available, the Help Center is an extensive source of information, covering a wide array of topics that can assist users in navigating and troubleshooting the tool.

Taskade vs Todoist: Which Should You Choose?

Taskade and Todoist are powerful task management tools, each with unique strengths. Your choice between the two will largely depend on your specific needs and preferences.

Taskade has several comprehensive features that make it perfect for businesses with well-established teams. But Todoist’s simplicity makes it a better choice for personal use. 

But don’t take our word for it. We recommend trying out Taskade and Todoist to see which fits your workflow best. 

As both offer free versions, you can experience first-hand what each tool offers before deciding. Happy task managing!

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