Email resource Zembula reports that more than half of email recipients will go to the competition if their messages aren’t personalized. However, personalization is difficult and time-consuming if you have many small audience niches.

It doesn’t have to be that way! tinyEmail is an eCommerce email marketing tool utilizing the power of AI to produce email subject lines and personalized content that will drive your open and click-through rates, helping you make the most out of your marketing efforts. 

It sounds great on the surface, but is it worth using?

This tinyEmail review will reveal all, including features, pricing, and pros and cons. We’ll help you confidently determine whether this service will benefit your business.

Disclosure: We earn a commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy.

What is tinyEmail?

tinyEmail is an email marketing automation tool that uses AI for email personalization, subject line generation, and audience targeting.

The service can help you connect your data and audience, create emails and other messages without coding experience, and personalize for deeper engagement. Its suite of features is designed to make digital marketing smart but not complicated.

tinyEmail has offices in Moldova and Toronto and a global online presence due to its diverse team. As a tool designed for marketers by marketers, tinyEmail continually strives to improve omnichannel messaging, automation, and audience management.You can learn about the latest updates to its email marketing service and other projects in the works through the tinyLabs website.

Who Uses tinyEmail?

tripleareview's Who we are and Who we service graphic
tripleareview’s Who we are and Who we service graphic

The most common tinyEmail users are businesses looking to expand and improve their email marketing campaigns. The affordable service costs don’t price out small businesses with few contacts, while SMBs and larger companies can afford the increasing service after adding more contacts.

tinyEmail is best suited for the following business types: 

  • Startups: Small businesses that can’t afford to spend substantial sums on email marketing will like tinyEmail’s free plan and low-cost pricing. New companies can master email service platforms out of the gate to quickly expand their email list and increase customer engagement. 
  • Digital Marketing Agencies: tinyEmail assists digital marketing agencies in email email personalization, automation, and design to expedite and reliably create professional messages. 
  • Solopreneurs: Lone business owners can manage wrangling a growing email list with a tool like tinyEmail. It’s easy to stay on-brand with savable Brand Kit settings reusable from one email to another. 
  • Online Entrepreneurs: eCommerce businesses can excel at their email marketing campaigns and reach their target audience, increase customer loyalty, nurture leads, increase conversions, and boost sales. 
  • Self-Published Authors: The email builder and template library make it easy to create captivating emails a self-published author’s audience will relish receiving.

Benefits of Using tinyEmail

AI email marketing tools like tinyEmail are advantageous for businesses in many ways, including the following. 

Save Time

Digital marketing resource Zapier states that writing an email should take between 30 seconds and five minutes. That doesn’t seem like much time, but what if you write 100 emails? You’d spend anywhere from one to eight hours on emails, far too much.

tinyEmail’s email-building tools help you put together emails in minutes. tinyEinsten, the AI subject line generator, will save you time on what many marketers agree is one of the most agonizing parts of writing emails: coming up with a catchy header.

Increase Professionalism

Professional, consistent email design builds trust in your business, increasing open and click-through rates. The wealth of appealing email templates at your fingertips through tinyEmail and the simple drag-and-drop email builder lets you create a design attuned to your brand.

You can also add interactive email elements, such as form submissions, surveys, or videos, for an email that looks like f pro web developers made it but requires no coding. 

Boost Deliverability 

The looks of your email are irrelevant if your deliverability rate is low. The tools within this email marketing software enhance your deliverability rate with custom data and fields. 

You’ll also maintain a good sender reputation, so you don’t have to think twice about ISP blockages or spam filters. 

Stay On Brand

Your brand is what makes your business unique. You’ve poured hours into crafting the ideal brand messaging and can’t afford to let it slip when you send emails. tinyEmail’s Brand Kit retains your brand details so they’re consistent across emails. 

Learn More About Your Audience

Understanding your audience is key to making the sale, as their pain points and needs will determine which products or services you recommend. 

Automatic audience data migration and forms help you put your finger on the pulse of your audience. 

Personalize Communications

Personalizing email marketing campaigns begins with tinyEmail. Use AI to target desirable audience segments, introduce dynamic content for contextual relevance, and use custom fields for emails that feel made for your audience. 

Detailed Insights

tinyEmail’s analytics offer deep dives into the core of your email marketing campaigns with KPIs that matter to your business, like open rate, bounce rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, overall ROI, and more. You can view these metrics per subscriber for ultra-detailed analytics. 

Save Money

Hiring a digital marketing agency to run your email marketing is much more expensive than what you’ll spend for a tool like tinyEmail.

Key Features of tinyEmail

Every feature tinyEmail offers its subscribers is designed to make email marketing more efficient. Here’s an overview of its standout services as part of our tinyEmail review:

Email Template Library

tinyemail review Image 2
tinyemail review: tinyemail prebuilt templates; Source: tinyemail features page

Don’t have time to build an email from scratch? You don’t have to!

tinyEmail has a template library with more than 50 designs, each intended for different occasions, campaigns, and audiences. 

These professional, branded templates are appealing and highly responsive. You can incorporate custom imagery into your email campaigns with a stock library of high-res, attractive images.


chatGPT prompts and AI generated content
chatGPT prompts and AI generated content

tinyEinstein is a powerful AI tool suite that uses OpenAI technology to simplify your email marketing. You get amazing results when you combine your data with the power of AI and achine learning

For instance, you can rely on this handy email marketing tool to generate email subject lines. Feed the tool relevant keywords, and watch as it recommends targeted subject line after subject line. You can edit any subject line before sending it or use it as-is.

tinyEinstein can also write email and social media copy that feels like it’s produced by a human.

User Interface

tinyEmail UX/UI user interface is designed to make your email building effortless. It’s intuitive and allows you to easily find what you need in your dashboard, from templates to email campaigns tracking.

Creative Studio

tinyemail's Creative Studio for editing images
tinyemail’s Creative Studio for editing images

The Creative Studio uses a basic drag-and-drop format to create emails from scratch, even if you don’t know any coding languages. 

Add email features like timers, images, videos, or forms. You can further jazz up your emails using the stock image library.

The email editor creates responsive, mobile-optimized messages that look as great on your customer’s smartphones as they do on their computer.

Dynamic Content

tinyemail's dynamic email content - anything from age, gender, location, purchase history
tinyemail’s dynamic email content – anything from age, gender, location, purchase history

One of the most unique features is dynamic content designed to increase relevancy. You set the rules for the dynamic content, which will change as needed. 

For example, you might have one set of dynamic content rules for an email before it goes out and a second set once you send it.

Although dynamic content sounds complex, you can incorporate it into your emails using drag-and-drop blocks like any other email element.

Interactive Elements

Do your emails have videos?, a sales automation platform, states that your click-through rate can increase by 200 to 300 percent by incorporating videos, an astronomical boost. 

You can add videos and other interactive elements to your emails using the drag-and-drop functionality.

Brand Kit

tinyemail's Brand Kit puts all your brand's colors & aesthetics in one place
tinyemail’s Brand Kit puts all your brand’s colors & aesthetics in one place; Source: tinyemail’s features page

Defining and replicating your brand within tinyEmail takes less time, thanks to the Brand Kit. It does all the legwork for retaining your brand, removing any need for coding, font file uploading, or configuring color hex codes. Your Brand Kit is ready to go every time you send an email. 

Email Deliverability

tinyEmail’s deliverability optimization is a tool on your side to increase your delivery rate. Including dynamic content and inbox placement enhancements also ensures your emails reach the desired party. Their appealing design and personalization will drive your audience to open and click.

Audience Automation

The built-in intelligence of tinyEmail allows it to detect audiences from tools you connect to the software. Your audiences immediately and automatically integrate over so you have all your data in one convenient place. 


The integration pool includes hundreds of apps and software services and continues growing. Interconnecting your digital marketing tools streamlines your campaigns. Also, you can connect tinyEmail to your ecommerce store, be it on Shopify, WooCommerce, Volusion, or Magento.

tinyEmail Pricing

tinyemail pricing page - 4 plans from free, standard, Pro, and Enterprise
tinyemail pricing page – 4 plans from free, standard, Pro, and Enterprise

tinyEmail has four pricing plans. You can try any with a free trial before committing. The pricing for the four plans varies based on the number of emails you send. 

Here’s a breakdown of the monthly fees.

  • Pricing for 15,000 emails: $0 for the Free plan, $15 for the Standard plan, $65 for the pro plan, and custom pricing for Enterprise.
  • Pricing for 25,000 emails: $25 for the Standard plan, $75 for the Pro plan, and custom pricing for Enterprise.
  • Pricing for 50,000 emails: $50 for the Standard plan, $100 for the Pro plan, and custom pricing for Enterprise.
  • Pricing for 100,000 emails: $100 for the Standard plan, $200 for the Pro plan, and custom pricing for Enterprise.
  • Pricing for 250,000 emails: $250 for the Standard plan, $450 for the Pro plan, and custom pricing for Enterprise.
  • Pricing for 500,000 emails: $500 for the Standard plan, $900 for the Pro plan, and custom pricing for Enterprise.
  • Pricing for 750,000 emails: $750 for the Standard plan, $1,200 for the Pro plan, and custom pricing for Enterprise.
  • Pricing for 1 million emails: $1,000 for the Standard plan, $1,500 for the Pro plan, and custom pricing for Enterprise.

Free Plan

These are the features of the Free plan:

  • Limited premium templates
  • Welcome series
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • 15 AI-generated subject lines per day
  • AI subject line assistance
  • Campaign analytics
  • Limited per-subscriber analytics
  • Integrations
  • Automation emails
  • Pop-ups and forms

Standard Plan

The Standard plan includes everything above and these features:

  • Limited custom segments
  • Limited predefined segments
  • Limited senders
  • 45 AI-generated subject lines per day
  • Per-subscriber analytics
  • Embedded forms
  • Five sender identities
  • Four predefined segments
  • Five custom segments

Pro Plan

The Pro plan is the most popular because it includes all the features in the two plans above and:

  • Priority support
  • Unlimited sender identities
  • Dedicated IP
  • Custom domain
  • Unlimited AI subject line assists
  • Unlimited custom segments 
  • Unlimited prebuilt segments
  • Unlimited subscribers

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan offers every feature of tinyEmail, including everything above, plus:

  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Account managers
  • Dedicated assistance
  • API 
  • Premium dedicated IP
  • Enhanced delivery
  • Billions of emails

Pros of Using tinyEmail

Adding this AI-driven email marketing platform to your existing business workflow will have many advantages, as highlighted below. 

Powerful AI

tinyEmail’s AI capabilities are impressive to start, and with machine learning, they will only get smarter. Imagine how much time you’ll save with tinyEinstein generating sendable, results-oriented email subject lines every time. 

Affordable Pricing 

The cost of this email marketing software is attainable for startups on a shoestring budget. It’s also inexpensive for SMBs and larger corporations. 

The sliding scale pricing doesn’t increase by contacts like other email marketing tools but by the number of emails you send. 

No Coding Needed

You don’t need to spring for a web developer when you can create engaging, personalized, interactive emails with tinyEmail. These code-free features require dragging and dropping, so you can begin building emails with its customizable templates the first day you use the software. 

Detailed Metrics

A campaign is only as good as its metrics. Yield more data to inform future email marketing endeavors with highly detailed, personalized analytics. You can view KPIs according to subscribers; it’s that detailed.

Cons of Using tinyEmail

Here are a few issues you must keep in mind before you subscribe. 

Limited Features

You might find this service less robust than some of its competitors. However, the list of features is always expanding, and tinyEmail continually strives to improve its software, so this downside won’t last long. 

Could Be More User-Friendly

After combing through TinyEmail reviews from users of the service, some left less-than-stellar comments. For example, one user reviewing tinyEmail on the Shopify App Store mentioned that it’s unnecessarily difficult to use. 

In Summary

tinyEmail’s eCommerce email marketing tools combine automation and AI to streamline email creation, customization, and design. 

The service prides itself on easy-to-use features, responsiveness, and dynamism to appeal to your audience as it moves through the sales funnel.

This software can save time, reduce spending on web development services, and increase customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Long Is the tinyEmail Free Trial?

tinyEmail’s free trial lasts for seven days. That should give you ample time to explore its myriad features in-depth and decide if this email marketing tool fulfills your business needs.

How Do I Find Out the Pricing of the Enterprise Plan?

Contact tinyEmail to inquire about the cost of the Enterprise plan, as it’s based on factors like the size of your team and the bulk of emails you send out.

What Are Some Integrations of tinyEmail?

tinyEmail integrates with all your favorites in your marketing stack, including Magento, Shopify, OptinMonster, Leadpages, WordPress, and more.

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