Creating quality content takes a lot of time.

From constantly revamping your blog content to tweaking your writing style or dealing with the inevitable writer’s block, content creation can take a toll on your business’s resources.

Enter an AI writing tool like Writesonic, which promises to ease the process and produce quality texts in minutes, no matter where you want to post them.

But is it worth it?

This Writesonic review breaks down how this AI writing assistant works and whether it can genuinely support your marketing content needs.

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What Is Writesonic?

Writesonic is an AI article writer that can generate any type of content with just a few clicks. Users give the tool some guidelines, such as product descriptions and relevant keywords, and it delivers 100% computer-generated content.

The tool also promises all content is human-like, unique, and 100% plagiarism-free, but that remains to be determined by the end of this Writesonic review.

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Who Uses Writesonic?

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The AI writer claims anyone can create quality content that converts.

It’s most useful for:

  • Freelance content writers: Content writing tools can support freelance writers in building more successful careers. Since you can create content faster, you may sign on more clients and tackle multiple projects at the same time.
  • Agencies with large workloads: This AI article writer is like having a new member on the team that works 24/7. It can help your staff automate the steps of the writing process, like generating blog outlines.
  • Business owners with small budgets: Small businesses can invest in the tool to generate content for their website, promotional landing pages, social media posts, and more. If you can’t afford a full-time writer to join your company, this article writer will get content production started.

Benefits of Using Writesonic

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Adding this AI writing software to your marketing tool belt comes with some advantages:

Fast Content Creation Process

With Writesonic, you can generate anything from long-form content to YouTube descriptions, Facebook Ads copy, social media content, and more.

It creates any type of content you need at a fraction of the speed a human writer needs.

Generate New Blog Post Ideas

You don’t have to tell Writesonic what blog posts to create. The AI assistant has an integrated blog post generator that builds outlines for any niche.

The topic suggestions come in over 25 languages and slash time spent brainstorming blog ideas. It delivers a list of suggestions you can browse, choosing the ones that suit your company best.

Save Time and Money

As with any AI tool, Writesonic is time- and cost-efficient. You get quality marketing copy with minimal effort.

Regarding cost, investing in Writesonic is more affordable than hiring a new blog writer to join the team. While it cannot fully replace human writers, it can support their activities and optimize their workflows.

Best Features of Writesonic

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Writesonic provides many useful features that will support teams and individuals at most levels of a campaign.

It can even improve your content marketing strategy through a suite of key features, such as:

AI Writer

Creating content has never been easier. Writesonic generates texts for all purposes:

  • Long-form content
  • Short-form content
  • SEO meta tags
  • Short stories
  • Blogs, whitepapers, analyses, etc.

It also generates article ideas to support the writing process from start to finish.

Paraphrasing Tool and Article Rewriter

You can revamp old written content by letting Writesonic rewrite it into a unique and fresh blog post.

This also helps improve texts that don’t sound right or need some changes to connect with your audience.

Sentence Expander

This feature is particularly useful when developing fresh content.

For example, if you have a social media post that performed well, copy-paste it into the Writesonic editor to generate a full-scale blog post from it.

You can also use it to turn your rough drafts into complex articles.

Product Descriptions

This writing tool is optimized for eCommerce, with product description features designed for your online store or even Amazon.

Generated descriptions are all SEO-friendly and engaging, increasing both organic traffic and potential sales. You’ll need to provide as many details about your product as possible. Then, the tool generates several description options and allows you to choose the best one.

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Landing Pages

Writesonic can generate landing page content designed to convert.

The headline generator creates different versions of the hero sections, allowing you to choose the one that connects with your target audience best. You also have a CTA generator, which adds extra persuasion to your copy.

To create the landing page content, you need to provide the AI tool with your main product’s or service’s features. Then, Writesonic will provide a persuasive copy by converting those features into benefits.

Paid Ads and Marketing

Writesonic takes care of most of your paid advertising and marketing needs.

You can generate:

  • Copy for Facebook Ads and Google Ads
  • Youtube titles, outlines, or intros
  • LinkedIn ad descriptions, headlines, or posts
  • Tweet content and hashtags

Writesonic’s suite addresses several content needs across all layers of a marketing strategy. The content generator is optimized to deliver content likely to perform well on social media platforms.

Review Responder

Answering customer reviews is a hassle, especially when you get a negative one that needs more attention.

Writesonic generates personalized replies in seconds. You can engage customers, increase loyalty, and defuse trickier situations with a well-written reply.

Writesonic Pricing

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Writesonic has a credit system that determines the number of words you can generate in a month.

For more info on pricing, go to the Writesonic pricing page.

Their plans contain a specific number of credits, as follows:

Free Plan

Yes, Writesonic has a free version that includes:

  • 2,500 words a month
  • Over 100 AI templates
  • Access to the Sonic editor
  • AI art generator
  • Landing page generator
  • Access to tools, tutorials, email support, etc.

New users also have a free trial and will get 100,000 words to test the tool. If you choose not to upgrade to a paid plan, your limit goes down to 2,500 a month.


The cost of the Pro plan depends on the number of words you need per month and the type of words you want to generate: Premium or Superior.

Pro plans with Premium Words include everything in the free account, plus:

  • 100,000 words minimum, and 15 million max
  • Custom branding
  • Priority access to new features
  • API Access

The word count makes all the difference here.

The cost of a Premium word Pro plan for 100,000 words is:

  • $19/month, paid monthly
  • $12.67/month, paid annually

If you want Superior words, you’ll select the type of word in the editor without changing your type of plan. But your word count will drop.

If you have 100,000 of Premium words per month, it translates to 33,334 Superior words.

You can adjust the number of words for Pro plans to suit your specific needs and budget better.

What’s the difference between premium and superior words?

Superior-quality words use GPT-4 and GPT-4 32, which improve the tool’s ability to understand inputs and provide better contextual results.

Superior words support longer texts both for input and output. They can be useful for writers who focus heavily on long-form content.


The Enterprise plan is tailored to each business, so you’ll need to contact the Writesonic sales team for a custom quote.

The biggest difference here is that enterprise plans come with an unlimited number of words of generated content per month.

Pros of Using Writesonic

This AI article generator provides the following perks:

Easy to Use

Writesonic’s learning curve is almost nonexistent. Once you’re familiar with the interface, you can move between the features easily.

It’s designed for people with little or no content writing experience to get their texts off the ground. If you still need help getting around, they have a large selection of guides and tutorials that will help you learn the ropes quickly.

Works for All-Purpose Writing

Writesonic creates any type of text you need, even personal bios and short stories.

The platform can become a crucial part of building an online presence for yourself or your brand from start to finish.

Cure for Writer’s Block

You can forget about those moments when you’re staring at a blank Google Doc for hours.

If you don’t want Writesonic to generate a full article, use it to brainstorm, find relevant topics for your niche, or create outlines to get you started.

Supports Your Overall Marketing Efforts

At its core, Writesonic is a writing assistant. But considering the types of texts it can create, you can argue it’s a powerful tool to support all your marketing efforts.

Anywhere you need a few lines of text, Writesonic can be useful, fast, and effective.

Cons of Using Writesonic

Before you purchase a plan, consider these Writesonic cons:

Research-Heavy Articles Can Be Unreliable

If you need to write content that pulls research-heavy data from studies, you’ll need to fact-check the information provided by Writesonic.

It’s impossible to control where the AI will pull information from. Some of the data may be misleading or outdated. The software scans the web for what it considers relevant information, but it cannot yet determine if a source is reliable or not.

Sentences Read AI at Times

There’s much buzz about AI writers replacing human writers. That could be the case at some point, but not presently, at least, when it comes to Writesonic.

Some of the generated text may still sound robotic and have a clunky sentence structure. You’ll still need a pair of human eyes to go over the content to make it sound more natural and appealing.

If you want a fully independent writing solution, this is not it.

The Free Account Is Limited

Though it provides access to all relevant features, Writesonic’s free version won’t provide much help for professional writers or businesses.

You can use the 100,000 free trial words to get started on your copy, but once you move to the 2,500 per month limit, your hands are tied.

The free plan is more useful when you only need to generate social media captions. For blogging, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan.

In Summary

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The takeaway of this Writesonic review is this: this AI can improve the speed, efficiency, and quality of your content generation process. But you can’t leave it all by itself.

Writesonic is useful for getting new content ideas and building first drafts for a blog, article, social media caption, and even a personal bio. Its features are optimized for various goals, like eCommerce, and even the free account can be useful for minor content generation needs.

But it shines best if you work with it. You’ll still need to look over the content and make adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Writesonic Free Forever?

If you sign up for a Writesonic free account, you won’t even need to provide a credit card. This plan is free forever, albeit limited.

Even if you sign up for the free trial, Writesonic won’t ask for any payment information. Once the 100,000 words are used, you’ll automatically receive the 2,500 words per month unless you choose to upgrade.

Who Owns the AI-Generated Copy?

Anything that was created exclusively by an AI is usually up for debate.

The U.S. Copyright Office has said it’s open to granting ownership of AI materials on a case-by-case basis. To argue your right to own the content, you need to prove its uniqueness and that you participated in some way in creating it.

If you use an AI to generate an Ezra Pound-like poem, you don’t own that since you had zero creative input. But if you use it to generate an outline for a blog and develop it yourself, you may claim ownership.

Is Writesonic Better Than Jasper AI?

Jasper AI and Writesonic are both solid AI writing software.

The former is more targeted at marketing teams with bigger budgets. By comparison, Writesonic is a more budget-friendly solution targeted at both marketers and people outside the industry.

You can read our full Jasper AI review here to learn more.

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